Monday, October 2, 2017

October Already

 This is Block 2 of the I Love Home BOM (4 parts).  For those who have read my other recent blog posts, you may remember that I am doing both a hand embroidery block and a raw edge applique block.

This is the applique version.  I still have not decided how I want to frame these blocks so they are still rough.  And I just love my door and windows: I am somewhat obsessed with owls, just ask my family.  ☺

Fortunately I have the hard work done on these because today Block 3 arrived which means I now have two more blocks to make.  They are not hard, just take time and a lot of that time is figuring out what fabrics to use.

While taking the dogs outside I looked back and saw this.  This is my studio (3 very full rooms) under bright blue skies and surrounded by bright green trees.  I realized, again, how lucky I am and how grateful I am for all I have: a man who loves me even after almost 57 years, a wonderful family, and God's grace for whatever comes. 

 And this is where I was when I took the above picture.  It was just too pretty a day to be inside and the hammock was calling me. Usually I bring a quilt out to put on it but I forgot so the dogs couldn't get up and join me.  Maybe today, after I get some knitting and quilting done.  I only have an inch to do on my green sleeves and, after I do some ripping out, I should be shortly done with the gauge swatch/pocket liners for the new sweater. 

Have a great week, see you next time.  Gari