Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BOMs Caught Up

Wow teapot
The last time I reported on teapot stitching I was in the middle of stitching this one.  And I am now calling this teapot the Wow Teapot because of all the curves.  I did complain to Rhonda but she just laughed at me.

Asian teapot
Then I stitched my Asian Teapot.  Look how much easier this one is.

easy stitching

not so easy
Not so easy

orange teapot
And the last one I got done was my Orange teapot.  And with that I am caught up, at least for 3 days.

DH will be home for the next 4 days but I am hoping that I will be able to spend some time quilting on the HQ as well as starting a new, to me, BOM (really every two weeks).  And I am anxiously waiting to see the two new BOMs Esther Aliu is planning on releasing soon.  Well, no wonder I have not been able to start a new piecing quilt, I am working full-time on BOMs.

Some like it hot.
But it has not been all work around here.  This was the puppies and me this afternoon.  I was having lunch on the deck while the puppies were “resting.”  I love our deck: it is such a peaceful place to spend time.

Of course we have one more restful spot in our yard and we are already enjoying it.  Here is DH demonstrating our technique.  There are no pictures of me in there: swimsuit pictures of me are NOT allowed.  In love

Monday, May 27, 2013

Blank Wall

Right now there is nothing on my design wall.  To see what I had there until Friday check out my last post here.
JRQAL ready to quilt
I have, however been busy. 

I belong to a Yahoo list, Homequiltingsystems, and their Frame Friday encourages me to keep something on my HQ.  So on Friday I put this QAL from two years ago on so I can get it ready to give as a comfort quilt. 

sudden stopI got everything loaded and set up and began quilting.

Then, suddenly, everything came to a stop and I couldn't move the machine forward.  I checked the wheels, if there was something on the track, if I had left something on the panto table, if a cord was caught up on something, and anything else I could think of. 

reason for stopAnd here is what I finally found.  The track on the carriage had moved.  Can you see how far off of the carriage it has gotten.  Only the back part of the track is off so the first part was still in place.  And, I couldn’t pick up the machine and move the tracks.  Besides, I would also need to figure out what to use to more permanently stick the track down before I put everything back.  So I packed it in for the night.

Saturday DH and I spent spending money at Lowes: pool supplies, plant supplies, weed eradicator supplies, and metal to metal glue.  Then we went home and glued.  The directions said to wait 24 hours before using so I spent some time stitching applique teapots.

back to quiltingSunday afternoon found me back to quilting.  Yea!

back quiltingI am really happy with how this is looking.

JEQAL pantoThis is the panto I am using. I like how it is showing up in the large white spaces and then seems to disappear when it comes to the blocks.  I am using a very soft pink.

Asian AstersHere is the name: it comes from Urbanelemtz. 

gardenia bushThis is my Walmart gardenia bush.  I am so happy with it as it almost died the first winter and now look at all those blooms.

gardenia beauty

Beauty and scent, what a wonderful combination that is greeting me every morning. 

And, of course, this is just above that beautiful bush.  Life is good.

Have a great week.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Owl Month

At least that’s what it seems like around here.  And what fun I have had.

finished block
This is what I worked on for the last two days.

trimming owl pieces

I drew all the little pieces and cut them out

owl parts

Three owls and lots of pieces.  I had them in separate baggies so they wouldn’t get mixed up.

setting plan
Then out came the layout plan.

growing owl family
And I started putting them together.  With almost every piece I found my smile getting bigger and bigger.

completed blocks
And now I have three owl blocks done.  I know that I have at least one more that I haven’t done and possibly two so I am really behind on this BOM. 

The hardest part of this BOM is picking the fabrics.  In my mind the owls will be mostly brown but I want each owl/block to be different.

cleaning up appliqued embroideryI also have gotten this embroidery/applique done.  This picture shows the tiger sewn on the shirt back and half of the background clipped away.  Since the picture was taken it is finished and packed away for the summer.

gardeniasThis is my picture of Summer.  I bought this gardenia plant at Walmart 5 years ago.  The first winter we had freezing weather and I was sure it was dead.  It has come back a little more each year but until now it has only had one or two blooms a year.  Now, all of a sudden, it is blooming like crazy and, wow, does it smell good. 

As of today we are cat/kitten free.  It has been quite a job moving four adult and 5 feral kittens out but they are finally gone.  The only problem we are seeing is that our dogs are bored when out on the deck.  They were used to chasing the cats and/or watching them through the spaces between the deck boards.  Now there is nothing and they just wander around and occasionally bark at a bird.  But on the other hand it is peaceful for us as the deck is a great reading space.  And, if someone has to be happy it needs to be the two of us.

Tomorrow I will finish the pool opening ready for a fun Memorial Day weekend.  We are a little behind because we had some really cool nights earlier this month.  It seemed to take a little more time for the water to warm up enough for me to get into it but now we are ready for rest and relaxation floating in the water.

end of pre-KToday was our great grandson’s last day of pre-K.  It is so hard to believe he is old enough to be going into Kindergarten in just 2 months.  He has been in a wonderful program that has him well prepared for his next few years in school.  We are all so proud of him.

And now we are ready for the rest of the week.  DH is teaching summer school and I have a to do list that should keep me busy.  Yea!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Applique Weekend

This was my weekend to try to catch up on BOM blocks that needed appliqueing. 
It is too bad that the gold thread doesn’t show how it shines, it really makes this teapot look fancy.

I am doing the blanket stitching on all the teapots.

This teapot really has dark purple thread even though it looks like black or blue.

I love how the stitching makes it looks so 3-D.

I also started on this teapot but had to stop for dinner and didn’t get back to it. 

But I know it is still waiting for me when I get back in there tomorrow morning.


In addition I did the applique on two fish.  For these I do a small zig-zag with invisible thread (Superior Monopoly).


I am all caught up on this BOM, and a week and a half before the next one came out.

One more BOM thing.  I am now two months behind on the Owl BOM.  I got all caught up with the Tired Owl so the other’s had to wait.  But now that he is done and hanging on the door I can get back to business.

I will be linking up with Patchwork Times  and What a Hoot Quilts.

Have a great week,  Gari

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I seem to have gotten lost on my way to the studio.  I wasn’t in there for 5 days.  Some of my time was spent either on the hammock or the deck swing, reading.  Other parts were spent on the road with DH.  He had to drive 80 miles to buy a Nook HD one day and another 35 miles the next day to get a Mellow Mushroom pizza.  It’s funny but it is really hard to sew anything when you are on the road a lot.

I thought all the driving was over when this happened.

Here we go again

He had taken my car in for an oil change and came home with a new car for himself.  And, of course, we immediately had to take it for a spin, 50 miles for a taco pizza.

However, I finally made it into the studio today.


And this is what I accomplished.


It was lots of fun doing different quilting on different parts of the owl and background.

And I used 5 different threads.  The funnest part of this little quilt is how much he looks like me, well his eyes do.

Me May 2013
See those eyes?  They are my mother’s eyes and I have always called them “tired eyes” because they seem half closed.  I remember when my eyes opened wide but now it is just not happening.  And it is even worse when I am tired.  So now you can see why I was so excited when Denise previewed this owl.

Tomorrow I will work on getting him bound and up on the bedroom door.  Whoopee!!  Another finish for May.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mid-Week Musings

center sewing table
Yesterday the focus of cleaning was this table.  Well, to be entirely truthful, it was only on this end of the table.  As you can see, the pile is almost as tall as the machine.

Clean machine area #1

But look at it now.  And everything that has been moved has either found a proper home or has been thrown away.

Log Cabin Charity Quilt
I did finish the scrappy log cabin top so it has been put on the “to be quilted” rack.  Of course I still need to make a backing and binding for it but that is for another day.

Fishy #5
I finished the fusing on Fishy #5.  I now have three fused so I will be putting the applique stitching on the “to do“ list.

Oh, and did you notice my new cutting mat?  It is yellow on the other side but I decided that purple brightens up the room.

Teapot #10 pieces

I drew the pieces for Teapot #10.

Teapot #10
And then I got to play with fabric, again.  I now have 4 teapots that need the applique stitching so I guess my machine is going to be humming pretty soon.

But not today.  Although I plan to be back in the studio this morning my primary focus will be to pull out some pantographs to take to chat with some new to longarming friends.  People are always asking for ideas on how to choose easy pantos to learn on.  I have been part of the Urban Elementz club since it started and have lots and lots of examples of easy, relatively easy, and “what were they thinking” pantos to use as examples.  We will also be helping one lady learn to use her Red Snappers.

Back to this morning……if I get my pantos picked out early enough I am hoping to be able to do a little quilting on my owl.  I have some ideas of some of the quilting I would like to do on him so I need to get a move on. 

The cord to my computer died yesterday so I am having to work on battery power.  I am unplugging DH’s computer every once in a while so I can recharge.  This is not fun at all!!!  And, as I look up, I see the wind-up clock has run down, too.  Maybe it is just that this old girl is running down?  Oh, say it isn’t so.     Gari

Monday, May 6, 2013

Progress On All Fronts

log cabin borders
How’s this for a bright quilt?  I figure that any little kid would love a bright, colorful quilt like this.  And guess what!  That border fabric is some I “found” in my cleaning.  It has all the same colors as the sashing fabric but MUCH BRIGHTER. 
As for the cleaning, I found that I get distracted pretty easily.  I worked all day Wednesday and got the the cutting table completely cleaned off and everything on it either put in it’s place or thrown away.  The before and after can be seen here.
Thursday I found that I just had to get a new cutting mat so I was out of town all day.
Friday and Saturday I again was in the studio, cleaning. 

cedar chest
This is the top of the cedar chest that sits next to my chair where I do most of my hand work and also take breaks.  It was piled high with magazines, fabric, fabric scraps, and a bunch of other “junk.”  Now it has places for the handwork as well as open spaces for my coffee cup.  Open-mouthed smile

couch 2
And would you believe there is a couch under there?  Just before I took this picture there wasn’t even that seat showing but DH came in to visit and cleared it for himself. 

clean couch
Now it is empty with a spot for magazines and even a quilt. 

One of the things I realized was that I felt the need to play with my fabrics.
folding fabric
So I pulled all my batiks from the very messy shelf and refolded it.  Look how easy it is to do when the cutting table is clean.

batiks folded
Look at these very neat piles of folded beauty.

batiks new home
And here they are again in their new home. 

My batiks are now living right next to my sewing machines where I can see them while I sew even when I am not sewing batiks.

done and done
But I did do some sewing this week.  I finally got the binding on Henrietta and

Henrietta on the wall
And it is finally on the wall.  Funny thing, DH hasn’t even noticed that it is on the wall.  But I know it and love seeing it up there.

Other projects I worked on were:
fish beginning
I drew and prepped the applique fusible for the Fish BOM.  Later this week I will choose the fabric. 

tiger before
And I am getting ready to correct an embroidery mistake.  This is the back of a denim jacket where the tiger did not sew out correctly.  It was a difficult design that messed up dramatically.

tiger applique
This  is the practice sew out.  I am going to applique it onto the jacket back.

The cleaning is going to continue.  I seem to actually be doing this on an every other day basis so at that rate will have about 1 1/2 weeks to go.   Hopefully after that I will keep up with it…….LOL.

Linking up with Patchwork Times and What a Hoot.