2015 Finishes

This was the year that I learned I had breast cancer.  I had been feeling poorly in April and May and was diagnosed the end of June.  As can be seen, my productivity ceased for what I call my "lost summer" and did not pick up much when I started to feel better.  We will see what 2016 brings.

January: patch cardigan, matching cowl, mistake hat, matching cowl
February: 3 Mug Rugs, Soft Socks, Mini PillowsMarch: Green Socks, Duck Wall Hanging, Denim Owl Shirt
April : -0-
May: Orange-Yellow socks, Purple Owl shirt, B/W socks
June: -0-July: -0-
August: -0-
September: Lavender Socks
October: 5 Washcloths
November: Purple Socks
December: 20 Washclothes

1 comment:

Bunny said...

Those sock are too cute.. Looking forward to your Sweet Sixteen blocks.