Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23rd Design Wall


So here is my design wall for today. In the center is my most recent attempt. I am sewing squares and rectangles of batiks, framing them in black and then sewing them together. The squares are 3” and the rectangles are 2.5 x 3". Of course the strips are different lengths but I have a plan to even them out. As you can see, I have several rows sewn but the rows are not sewn together, yet. I had a plan for blocks on this quilt but I couldn’t make it work. So I went with the little squares and I am liking it a lot. I have a plan (read: thought) for borders which I am hoping will work.

And, sadly, off to the right, is my feathered star. I think I heard it sobbing yesterday when I was in there working on the batik quilt. But I have blue friendship stars scheduled for today so with any luck you may be able to see some progress in that area.

Abby in the Morning

To close out this out I am sharing what I wake up to every morning. There is nothing better than waking up under your own quilt, with Abby.

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  1. interesting design!

  2. I love the stained glass look of the new quilt. That poor lonely feathered star....poor, sad thing! ;)
    Abby is adorable!

  3. Abby is adorable and I love your quilt top!

  4. Wow, you got a lot done on those batiks compared to last week's entry. Tell that whiner star to cut it out. She will benefit by all the thinking and planning you are doing for her while you work on the batiks!

  5. I am a sucker for those dog photos! LOL. I like waking up to them but sometimes hate sleeping with two bassets compteing for position.......

  6. Tell that whimpering feather star to hush ... sometimes a quilter has to work on whatever is calling to her ;-) The batik squares are going to be stunning and there will be time for the feather star quilt later ;-)

  7. Your Abby looks a little like my Abby :)

    I love all your projects, especially the Feathered Star.

  8. I love the stainglass quilt, I am a big fan of black and bright colors and this gives me a great idea. Hopefully your sad star will not be sad much longer.

  9. Wish I could get another dog......


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