Friday, March 4, 2016

Gentle Rain Shell

 I have started a new project.  It is going to be a shell and I have already knit the first 16 rows.
 This shows the first 32 rows plus a garter stitch band.  I really do have the holes but my knitting is compressed because I am once again doing the front and back at the same time. 

                                                   I will work both until I get to the neckline and then I will have to work each separately.  But I have a while to go before I get to that. 
This is the yarn I bought.  It is so soft.  And it is quite "nubby" with a lot of different thicknesses.  I think this is going to make a very interesting sweater.
I am showing the label because I would like to know what this yarn is made of and I don't read German.  Any help would be appreciated.

This project is going to be a studio project because at least while I am knitting the last 16 rows of this band, where I have to do a lot of counting and I need to not have dogs jumping on my lap.  After this I have the garter rows and then flat stitches until the neck.  There is a little shaping but I am not concerned about that part so it may be brought back to the house and evening knitting.  I guess we will just have to see how it goes.

And now I am off to clean off my craft table so I can learn how to use a new toy.  When I have mastered it, insert laughter here, I will review it here.

Have a great weekend.  We will be visiting with our grandson, his wife, and their terrific son, one of our great grandchildren.  Should be lots of fun!   Gari


Judy S. said...

Baumwolle is cotton and viscose is a type of synthetic. (See Wikipedia I love the color!

Dar said...

The yarn is very pretty and I like the pattern of your shell. That will look lovely for spring and summer wearing -- both under a jacket or alone.

Kate said...

Love the soft green of that yarn. It's going to be a very pretty shell, perfect for spring.