Friday, August 5, 2016

Quilt Fiinish

Only 2 years in the making but this one is finally finished.  I got the quilting done last week but I didn't get the binding on until today.

The quilt is a jelly roll adaptation.  I would sew the 2 1/2" strips together and then every 3 or 4 strips would get a batik piece.  I love the splotches of color amidst all that black and white. 

The quilting came from someone online.  I knew who showed it when I first had it on the frame in September 2014.  But all the time that as gone on in-between has driven that information right out of my brain.  Anyway it is all free motion quilting and fun to do.

While I was quilting I was looking for the binding I remembered preparing.  I hunted and hunted in all the wrong places but after the quilting was done I had an idea and went right to where the strip of binding was resting.  Yesterday I pressed it and wound it into this nifty roll.

Then today I put it in this basket that I bought at a quilt show a couple of years ago.  I love how it rolls off of the spindle and right on to the quilt. The basket is also great for holding those little bits of binding that are leftovers.  Someday they will join together for a fun quilt.

Not only did I have the binding done for two years but also the label.  It is now sewn into the binding and the quilt is done.  It is going to our great granddaughter, Scarlett, who will be 2 in January.  Fortunately this quilt is a full crib size so she will be able to use it well into a twin bed.

Tomorrow we are having a family get together.  There will be at least 14 adults, 3 children, and 6 dogs (4 are ours).  Our son-in-law is doing the cooking and he and our daughter are in charge of the food.  Eric and I have decided we will contribute fresh fruit and a green salad.  This will be the third time this kind of gathering has happened at our house in the last year.  It is always lots of fun: we are all fun people.

I have been looking at different quilts, looking for something that I think I would like to make.  I want something that is not too difficult and doesn't involve a lot of fabric cutting.  I still am having difficulty standing unless I am holding on to something.  I saw a quilt in the new Love of Quilting magazine that may be just the thing.  I would only have to buy one focus fabric and then use a bunch of leftover strips and other stash fabrics.  I feel the quilting juices flowing.   Gari


Wonky Girl said...

Your quilt is awesome. There are many smaller pieces of black/white fabrics in my stash, along with a few leftover batiks.... I may try making one myself. So glad you are able to be back working at what you love :-)

Rebecca Grace said...

Congratulations on your finished quilt! I love the "nothing is ever black and white" label. Very timely message in today's political climate... :-)

Gretchen Weaver said...

Love your quilt, the splashes of batiks are so pretty! I'll have to keep this idea in mind. Blessings, Gretchen

m. said...

Love your quilt. And isn't it wonderful to find all the parts to get a finish?! Keep up the good work.

Kate said...

I remember this project. It turned out beautifully! Congrats on the finish.

kwiltnkats said...

That's a fun basket for binding. Mine as I apply it to a project usually starts with a puddle on the floor =^.^=. Scarlet should love your work. Family gatherings are the best. I'll be getting some of this in a couple of weeks. Wish I could have them as often as you...jealous! So many designs to choose from; good luck settling on one. Sandi