Friday, November 4, 2016

KnitPearlHunter KAL 10/2016 Finish

I am so proud.  I finished the KAL socks before the finish time: two days before the end.  I know, I really wanted to finish them before the end of October but it just didn't happen.  I seemed to not want to knit right when I only had 6 rounds to go.  But I decided that the important thing was to complete the task in Michelle's time requirement, not mine. 

I had the last 6 rounds done on 11/2/16 and on 11/3/16 we were off to visit friends.  For the first time I decided I could knit while hubby drove and I got the Russian Bind Off completed on half of both socks. Then this morning, while said hubby slept, I finished the bind off on both socks and they were completed.  I would have worn them for you but it was in the 80s and my feet didn't want to wear wool socks yet.

The sock on the left shows the instep pattern that ran from the toes to just before the bind off.  There are several mistakes but I don't think they will be seen when I have them on with shoes.  The sock on the right shows the abbreviated back leg pattern.  I don't ever knit socks with long legs because I live in the South where it isn't cold enough to need to keep the leg warmer than denim can keep them.

Now I am going to buy some more sock yarn so I can knit some more.  And I am going to start looking for a new sweater pattern so I can put my new cable knitting prowess to work on something larger.  Oh, I love the sense of accomplishment.  Gari

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Beth said...

You left a lovely comment on my blog and I thought I would pop over to visit you. I love your socks. This was my first successful attempt of Judy's Magic Cast on. I will use it again. Love the owl finger and ring!!! Can't wait to come back and visit again.

Kate said...

Beautifully done! Love the colors too. Very fashionable way to keep your tootsies toasty when the winter chill hits.