Friday, August 13, 2010

It’s Friday the 13th For Sure

As I type DH has been sitting in IHop in Birmingham, AL for the past two hours. He got up at 4 am to drive the 3 hours to Birmingham to pick up DS#3 and his wife. But let me go back a few days and tell you the whole story.

Last week DS#3 called to say they were thinking of coming for a short visit this weekend, if we were going to be around. We assured him we were and would be very happy to have them come. He said they would be flying in and I assured him we would pick them up. Then this past Tuesday he called to say that their flight would be arriving at 8 am on Friday morning and that they would be flying out again at 8 am on Sunday. Now remember that we live 3 hours away from Birmingham. But I assured him that would be no problem and we began to make plans. I really wanted to go pick him up but I lead a Weight Watchers group on Fridays at 1 pm and was afraid that we might not be able to make it back in time. So DH was elected to go by himself, GPS in hand since he has never been to the B’ham airport.

Fast forward to 8:30 this morning. I get a call saying that DS#3 (slowly sinking to #4 of 3 sons) and his wife missed their flight by 5 min. He says that they tried to get another that was leaving at 11:30 but can’t get on. They are now trying for one a little later that would get them in at 3:30 but don’t know yet. And, our very bright son (did I mention that he has a PhD and his wife is in graduate school) said that maybe his father would like to just go home and come back later? 3 hours home and 3 hours back, not to mention the gas, I don’t think so.

Anyhoo, that’s why DH is sitting in IHop in Birmingham. He plan to visit Barnie’s Coffees to pick up some of our favorite coffee flavors (the one in Pensacola where we spent many happy hours and monies closed 3 years ago: sob) and then will go to Barnes & Noble to wait out either the verdict or the company. At least it won’t be a wasted trip. He loves coffee and bookstores and me, not in that order.

Edit: It is now 7pm and DH and the kids are 30 miles from home. Even after everyone's eventful day they want to take us out to dinner so I will get to hear all that has happened to everyone, but me.

To be quilt related, look at the fabric I bought last week.

I don’t have any plans for it yet: I really liked it and it was 50% off, who could resist?

And I am sewing. I have started some Christmas stuff so I can’t so much but I can show this.

This is mindless sewing if I ever saw it. But when done it is very nice looking.

Well, we still have several hours left of this Friday the 13th so I better brace myself. ;-)


Zlaty said...

I hope they make it! Your fabrics are beautiful! I was thinking also to start on some Christmas projects!

Melinda said...

I have a daughter like that. She is a school teacher, very successful but has missed airplanes, had the dates wrong and just about everything that can go wrong (not serious but inconvenient) usually does.

I hope they show up soon.

bettyp said...

You have a great husband there!! I sure hope they can make their flight !!

Sheryl said...

Gari, I hope your kids show up before it is time for them to go home! Maybe you should join the group in B'ham and get a couple of hotel rooms!

Pat said...

Sorry for all that trouble you are having today. We are having Friday the 13th problems here today, too. Daughter had car trouble in NJ just as she was leaving to head here (a ride of a little over 2 hours). Now.....the place where she took the car is trying to say her extended warranty isn't valid....and my hubby is on the phone arguing with GM about it now. In the meantime, the daughter is distraught as she rarely gets to see us and was looking forward to this weekend with us and to dropping off her daughter with us for her "vacation" time with us over the next couple of weeks. *sigh* I never used to dread Friday the 13th, but I do now.

quiltingnana said...

ah yes what we do for our children! At least you had some beautiful fabric to console you

orchidlover said...

loving the fabric.

Poor hubby. At least he had a book store to console him.

Love and hugs Gina xxx