Monday, August 23, 2010

Yikes, it's Design Wall Monday again

Well, another week has passed and here we are again, Design Wall Monday. And since nothing has been on my design wall all week, I decided I better get something up there that I plan to work on. So, this is my new UFO project.

These are swap blocks that have been sitting on a shelf for at least the past 18 months. Saturday night I worked on a plan for them (see the center of the wall) and Sunday I put them up so I could look at them: hadn’t seen them for quite a while. This week I will have to start looking for coordinating fabrics and figure out how to do that very large Dresden plate. I was thinking about putting either an applique or embroidery in the center of it.

What I have been working on is Christmas: I am very pleased with what I am doing but can’t show it yet. What I can show is some of how I am able to get it done. Does anyone remember the towel holder I used to hold my bias stems? And the strips for Going Dotty? Well, now it is being used to hold my cut fabric pieces.

I have had trouble carrying the cut pieces from the cutting table to the sewing machine (two different rooms) while keeping them in order. So, I cut an old cutting mat in half and duck tapped them back together, making a kind of book. I can lay the pieces on the inside and then cover them and everything stays in place.

However, once I get to the sewing machine the fan in the room wants to blow them all over. So, I use my towel rack to hold the top of the holder thus keeping the fan away from the fabric pieces.

See how I can keep it from moving either way?

I am really proud of this invention and how versatile my towel holder has been.

I did spend a little money last weekend.

I found this at an antique/flea market place for almost nothing. When I plug it in no electricity happens so it is going to a Singer repair place today and he thinks that it is just a cord problem. The machine doesn’t look like it was much used: no scratches, the gold etching is perfect, and I am really excited. I have never used a featherweight but I am anxious to try.

And one more thing. Do you remember the cat my dog chased up a tree? Well, she and her two sisters have been visiting and the little calico has become very friendly.

The other two still run when we come around but that’s ok since we don’t really need pets but if they want to take care of any vermin living in the fields around us.

Be sure to visit Judy's blog to see what other quilters are working on.


  1. Very clever idea with that old cutting mat and your towel holder!

  2. I like what you've started on your design wall!

    Congratulations on finding such a wonderful Featherweight, I'm green with envy!

    I've been needing to use the fan in my sewing room lately, but the few times I've tried, the fabric flies. Your wind block is very creative, but we've come to expect that from you!

  3. c
    I get Lots of knowledge about this blog...Thanks for sharing with us....the designs and the patches work is fabulous...!

  4. Like the swap blocks and that new quilt looks interesting aswell

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  5. I hope you give little kitty some milk some time. She's gorgeous!

  6. that is a great invention-you should be proud!! That's a great idea for using the towel holder!!

  7. Enjoyed your post today. Got to see a UFo, learned a few tips about using the towel holder (now I must get me one, envious of your featherweight purchase, and you had a pretty kitten staring into the camera. Such a well rounded post.

  8. Thanks for you helpful hints - I am going to have to use the mat one for carrying pieces back and forth!

  9. Necessity is the mother of invention, lol.

  10. That will be pretty quilt Gari!

    Have a great day!

  11. Wow! you scored a Featherweight! I had one kinda 'drop in my lap' too. I dont' use it ALOT..but I DO take it when I travel. I can carry it..and my DH does not grumble (ok, he does not grumble MUCH..and stops when I say " GOLF CLUBS"! lol) Kitty is cute..and I"m a dog person...

  12. What a fantastic find! I love my featherweight and use it for all my piecing. Very creative use of an old cutting mat, btw ;)

  13. Hi Gari!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! I love your wall-design, it looks perfect for fall.

    I can't wait to see what comes next!

  14. Love the design wall, and the machine is fantastic!!

  15. Love the quilt!

    Our cat is a really good mouser. I wasn't thrilled about the bat she left on the porch a month ago, though.

  16. I find that most of the teachers that are national have a lot of energy (ref: Bonnie). Lucky find (the featherweight), I have one and it stitches beautifully. It is great to take to the shop and etc. It weighs much less than my big machines. If I go into the shop tomorrow, I will be taking mine with me. I love your blocks. The colors are super.

  17. I love your little invention there. I hope your feather weight is an easy fix, I want one too! I really like you sewing room.


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