Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Progress Is Being Made

I finally have 12 Days on the quilt frame. And I have about half of it quilted.

This is how I am quilting the background: loops, leaves and berries. This is freehand, as if it doesn’t looks like it, but it seemed festive and appropriate to the quilt.

And this is how I am quilting the tree. Most of this won’t be seen because the ornaments will be tacked on above it,

like this.

The top of the background and the green part of the tree are done. But I had to stop to get ready to teach my Weight Watcher’s groups tomorrow. It is time to learn about the new program and because there is so much to the change, I need to really be prepared.

One more picture

So the cat is now pretty much living in the house and she has just discovered the birds. Life continues to be an adventure.


Tamera said...

Your poor birds must be nervous, lol.

Pat said...

I love the way you are quilting that 12-days' quilt......I'd not have known it was free-hand if you'd not told me. Do your birds mind the cat sitting up there?

Joanne Lendaro said...

Great quilt...that is a lot of quilting!!

Kay said...

I love the freehand holly leaves and berries. Perfect for that quilt.

Todd said...

I like the Christmas tree material...I thought it was a napkin at first, but it's really cool. Maybe you should bring it with you when you visit this Christmas!

Bunny said...

Your wall hanging is gorgeous. Love your quilting. Great job.