Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow in the Deep South

Yes, that’s what I said, SNOW. I complained all morning on Facebook until it finally went away.

But I’m not sure if the roses are going to survive. ;-)

Even the Owl was confused.

However, while that white stuff was coming down, I was in the studio getting stuff done. The first thing I worked on was the last of the Snowbound snowmen.

He is all appliqued down and now I am ready to start on the connecting blocks. Next week I will draw the lines for the hand embroidery that I will be taking as hand work while we travel for Christmas.

The other project that I started was to cut strips for a flannel log cabin quilt. We are experiencing below freezing temps here at night and I am in need of a really warm quilt to cuddle/huddle up in.

Well, that’s it for now. Tomorrow is WW day and then I’ll be back in the studio, sewing and sewing and sewing.


karenfae said...

weird winter already isn't it!! snow in Alabama before Christmas - bet that doesn't happen often - heck I bet you don't even get snow every year. It has been cold here but we missed the snow flurries that south Arkansas got last night.

Pat said...

I hate bizarre, unpredictable weather. Since we are planning a trip to FL for a couple of weeks mid-January, I hope things settle down and get back to "normal" soon!

Tonya said...

our snow is still laying around, as we say "waiting for more"

Judy D said...

This round of snow is gone.....who knows when round 2 will show up, but I'm prepared! Mr Owl is hilarious! And I love your snowman block!

quiltmom said...

The snow is falling here in Alberta as I write this- alas this is not unusual or unexpected. We have had quite a bit of the white stuff fall the last couple of days but it beats Wednesday when it was freezing rain which I really don't like. The snow makes it feel Christmasy here.
Hope the flowers survived. I am looking forward to seeing your projects from your studio.