Monday, October 3, 2011

Design Wall 10/3/11

DW 10-2-11

This is my design wall for the first Monday in October 2011.  These blocks are from an internet swap a couple of years ago.  I have had them on the wall a few times with no certain idea of what to do with them.  This week I decided they will be a gift and began the design process in earnest. 


URR plan

First I put the blocks out on the wall and, of course, move them around several times.  Then I decided on the sashing and borders.  Originally I planned to have the sashing, which is also the second border, be just that fabric.  However, when I put it on the wall it looked way too busy.  Using the cornerstones, made from the first border fabric, calmed down the already busy center.

I have the center rows sewn together, not an easy feat since several of the blocks were poorly made, and am ready to sew the first border. 

All this sewing will have to wait.  I have a new WW meeting to lead on Monday and two on Tuesday and since I have to travel a little over 100 each day I will probably only be up to feeding the animals when I get home.


Speaking of animals, we seem to have a new one here.

6 mo old

Meet our newest member (?).  We found her a little over a week ago, wandering the streets in downtown.  We have placed ads in the newspaper and on the radio and visited the two vets, attempting to find where she has come from.  The plan is that if no one has claimed her by Tuesday, she will become part of our family.  We have not named her yet, that would mean she was staying and we don’t know about that, yet.


our two doxies

Here she is with Abby.  We figure she is about 6 months old but we will know for sure when we take her to the vet for a check up and shots next week.







scrappy binding

This is finished.  And I got it done before the end of September.  I really like the scrappy binding and it almost finished that 30s fabric.



ready to quilt

I did get the URR on the frame.  The backing is a batik fat back I bought at MQX in 2008.  It has been sitting around, waiting for a quilt to come around that fit it and finally it did.  I can’t show it yet since it is all rolled up on the pole, but will later. 


needs a plan

Now, if I could just come up with a plan for the quilting.






And now, one last picture.  This is for people who think we have no Fall color in the South.  This is a maple tree that is just beginning to turn.

fall color 2011

This poor thing was cut down a few years ago and this is what has grown out of the stump.  It is about 15’ tall now but has about 7 small trunks.  I don’t know how this effects it’s growth but it makes a very pretty sight in our very green yard.

And now it is time to pour yourself another cup of coffee or tea and hop on over to Patchwork Times to see what other quilters are up to.


scraphappy said...

What great fall colors. Hope quilting inspiration strikes soon. It is going to be just in time to snuggle under when it cools down a bit.

Wilma NC said...

Love your quilt, looks like fall and that is my favorite!!!!

Bonnie said...

Hum, and you say you are retired. How many wW meetings are you leading? Your URR looks spectacular. Nice job. Inspiration will hit -- hopefully sooner rather than later.

Mary said...

Doesn't it feel good to pull out an old UFO and start the process of completing it! It's going to be a really nice quilt for someone. I don't know whether to hope your visitor stays to become a permanent member of your household or returns to whoever is broken hearted over losing her, but she is a cutie and it sounds like you already love her!

AnnieO said...

I like the fall colors very much--both in your quilt and the tree. We also get fall color like that in SoCalif. Love the tumbler quilt and hope some inspiration strikes for the batik quilting plan.

Denise :) said...

Love, love your colorscape -- it's very crisp and it makes me smile! :)

Brita said...

That's going to be a really pretty quilt, love the colors! I've given up on block swaps, they just don't come together all that well :-/ Cute pup, I'll bet you'll keep him!

Quilter Kathy said...

It sure is hard to work with swap blocks and the variation in seam allowances. Hope it comes together OK for you. Love your new puppy...hope you get to keep her!

Sarah said...

we love our doxie! hope she finds her home either with you or her owners.

Michele said...

Today is Wednesday. Is your newest member staying? I love your quilt progress!

Anonymous said...

WOW, am I behind on my blog reading! CONGRATS on the 50 yrs!!!! Love the new puppy!! The URR is just lovely!!!! I recently quilted on in much more subdued colors, but check it out in my public photo album called
'Stephanies URR' for quilting ideas. Of course, you have to go to my blog to click on my albums link. I sure hope this helps. I love love love the colors in yours, very lively and I am sure it will be great once you get it quilted! Oh, my maple tree is started to change also, kinda brownish red right now.