Monday, October 31, 2011

DW, kind of & Giveaway Reminder

DW:  My DW looks just like it did last week.  All I did on that quilt was press the 5 log cabin blocks, as far as I got.  Every day I planned some sewing time and every day I got sidetracked.


On my Design Ironing  Board is some of the applique prep I did get to work on, a little, this week.  I prepped 5 blocks of this BOM and had planned to get them on the background squares: Sunday was going to be my sewing day.  I even announced this plan so I would be left alone with my “muse.”  Didn’t happen.  DH and I went out for breakfast and then he decided that he would get my birthday gift “now.”  Since it was an iPad2, how could I say “but I want to sew.”  So off we went and didn’t get back home until time for dinner.  So the above is all that I got done all week.  I really hope to do better this week.

Now, don’t forget the My Memories Suite giveaway, the “rules” are on the third “here” below.   I have shared my insights on this digital scrapbooking software here, here and here.  My aim, since I don’t scrapbook, was to see if this software was something a quilter could and would use.  I really like what I can do with it and am happy to share with other quilters. 

I will be drawing the winning name this evening and will notify the winner by email.  If don’t win you can purchase the software at and if you use my code (STMMMS26911) you will receive a discount.  So, everybody, join in and find a new way to use your quilts (or hobby, or family, or pets, or whatever).

And after you have checked out my giveaway, go on over to Patchwork Times to see other quilter’s beautiful work.

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Bonnie said...

Well, a design ironing board is better than nothing! At least you got some stuff done and you get a new iPad... I want one but haven't gotten there yet. I love my Macbook Pro though it is 3 years old and slowing down a bit.

Lucky you to score that panto for a buck. I really like the look of it so I may have to buy it myself. Sigh.

Lynn said...

Sometimes our projects stall for a little bit. Lucky you getting a new iPad2! I have one of the old ones and I love it. You'll love yours too, I just know it.

Denise :) said...

You lucky girl, getting an iPad2! And happy birthday to you, Gari!! :)