Monday, April 23, 2012

Design Wall vs. Life


With the little time I had in the studio I found myself “needing” to work on the sleeping dragon.  I think he had been calling to me because I had ignored him for such a long time.  And he was telling me that I couldn’t use the DW until I get him put together and basted/pinned on the background fabric.  In this picture I have sewn several 2 piece sections together.

009 Prior to that I turned the raw edges of the inner pieces and sewed them with mono-poly.  It isn’t an excellent job but I think when this fellow is completed, no one is going to be checking too closely.  Confused smile


Anyway, when I went to put the tail together I found that I had moved the blades I was going to use and all my planning was gone.  So I shuffled and shuffled the blades until I found what I wanted and made what I think looks like a really good tail.


And then I moved on to what has been the hardest (so far) for me, the head.  I cut the eye and nostril from fused fabric and then fused other fabric to begin the flames.  Nothing has been permanently fused down yet as I haven’t finished figuring it out.  One of the things putting this together did for me was to decide the eye was not prominent enough.


I decided to add some black behind the red eye and that seemed to make it stand out more.  The flames are not arranged enough, just stuck up there so I could see if they could be seen. 

block swap emb

I did complete all 12 of the embroidered centers for some swap blocks which I hope to work on this week.  I have another set to start but that will have to wait until next month.

Without a picture I can say that I also started working on my Color Palette Challenge.  I was called away in the middle of a step and never got back to the studio, life, you know.


Monday I was doing housework all day (perish the thought) and Tuesday I was gone all day doing my WW part-time job.   DD and I had made arrangements for lunch on Wednesday but then she called and suggested we drive to another town for lunch and a little shopping which took up the whole day.  Above you see the fruits of my day in the studio and Friday I had a little time there prior to being called away by DH for lunch and puttering around town.  Saturday morning was WW again and then in the afternoon we drove to another nearby town looking for a bird toy (one of our birds loves to tear her toys apart).  While there we looked into a new printer but didn’t buy it.  Sunday we were on the road again, eating at the Mellow Mushroom and then getting said printer.  Sometime today I hope to be able to print from my iPad and iPhone as well as print from anywhere using my iPhone.  We’ll see how good I am at getting this device to work: things get harder and harder to figure out, you know.  Steaming mad

So while I am working on this, why not go on over to Judy’s to see all the beautiful things others are working on?



Quilter Kathy said...

So the dragon is demanding attention??!! I was wondering how long he/she?
would patiently wait! Looks great!

Sally Hamilton said...


Sue Daurio said...

Well look who's back, I've been wondering how long his nap was going to be :) He's looking spectacular.

Rhonda said...

That dragon is stunning. Love it!!!!! Black around the eyes will definitely make them stand out.
Great job!!

Judy D in WA said...

Love, love, love the dragon!!! He's looking fabulous.

Bonnie said...

Wonderful dragon... be careful he doesn't flame you! LOL. Hum, embroidery stuff too. Sounds like you had a fun week even if it didn't produce tons of quilting!

Susan Torrens said...

Wonderful dragon! I can't wait to see the finished product!!!!

Kris said...

Your dragon is so colorful. Love it.

Sarah Martin said...

That. Dragon. Is. Fabulous!!!!!!

Teresa F. said...

Stunning. Your dragon is a master piece.You must have spent lots of hours piecing it!

Melinda said...

What a demanding dragon - glad you gave in so we don't have to find out what magical powers he has to get even.

Kate said...

Love the dragon! Gorgeous use of color!

Pat said...

That dragon looks CRAZY difficult.......good for you for doing such a great job with it!

Vicki said...

That dragon is just a wonderful work of art.IT is going to be something that should be in a show in the future.

I have a teenager who set me up to print, sync and all that from my driod to the universe. If I didn't have a in house tutor, I would be left in the dust. Find a teenaged boy somewhere and ask him to set it up, HA, the rest is just a push of a button, hehehe, not really :)