Monday, April 16, 2012

What have I been doing?

design ironing board

First I will show what is on my design ironing board.  In the center are 4 little paper pieced trees.  I actually have made 8 now with only 2 more to go.  They have been practice pieces and I have really enjoyed making.  On the outsides there are two of the 7 machine embroidered blocks.  Really these are the centers of 12 I will be making for a block swap.  I have to get these done because I also signed up for a second set with a different center.

Also I just completed my first potholder.  Spring Fling

This is a block design called Spring Fling from Carol Doak.  It is another paper pieced project but I thought it would brighten my kitchen.  And it was good to get me back in the studio and sitting at my sewing machine.

new bed made

But the real thing I have been doing is completely rearranging my bedroom prior to getting my new Tempur-Pedic mattress.  See how flat my bed is now.  WONDERFUL!!


Prior to the mattress coming I painted this chiffarobe.  It has been residing in my closet for the last 6 years but I decided I would use it more if it was out in the open.


It took 6 spray cans to get it all covered.  I really love white wicker but it is not easy to get into all those little tight places.

repainted chifarobe

But I got it done and here it is, set up, doing double duty.  It is sitting at the end of the bed and holds the TV so that I can watch in bed or swivel it around to where I have a really cool chair and ottoman.





back of chifarobe And here it is with a quilt hanging from it.  I do plan to make a couple of small quilts to hang over the back but for right now this one is heralding spring.

family nap time

As soon as we got everything set up and a brand new sheet set on the brand new mattress, those of us who were at home decided that it was time to break in the new bed with a nap.  Very comfy.

bed friend

Sadie napping

And as you can see, I am not the only one who finds this new bed comfy.

With most of the furniture moving completed I am planning on more studio time.  Of course more Spring Cleaning needs to be done in other rooms of the house (including the studio) but they won’t be as much fun without something like a new bed as part of the cleaning package.

I am linking this to Judy’s Design Wall, Bonnie’s “What’s on Your Bed”, and Carol’s “Spring Fling” flicker group.



Wilma NC said...

I love paper piecing. I think I have every dvd that Carol Doak made.

Mary said...

I love the quilt on your new mattress and your pot holder is so cute!

Bonnie said...

Glad your mojo is back... yep, the animals look like they are enjoying the new mattress. Good job on the spray paint just remember 6 cans of paint is way less than a new chifforobe!

Sue Daurio said...

Wow you've been busy!! New mattress, nice. Love the potholder and the quilt on the bed is just gorgeous. I'd have to take so many naps if I were you :)

Dar said...

What a busy bee you been lately. I especially like the quilt on your new mattress and the springy potholder. I need one of those. Maybe that will be on my list of "to do" soon. Thanks for sharing. Got a laugh from your pets. They know a good thing when they "feel" it.

sue said...

Wow! The quilt on your bed is fabulous! A checkerboard boarder always makes me smile!

Chris said...

I LOVE the quilt on your bed. It is wonderful. You really have been busy this week.

Rhonda said...

Great quilt, great bed and I'm sure that the new bedding, matress and pillows made the nap well worth it!

kwiltnkats said...

What a fun post this was to read. I hadn't expected the puppy napping (wink)! Nothing beats a new matress...don't forget to turn it to break it in right. Block swaps are so much fun. Sandi

Vicki said...

Looks great and the potholder really is so spring like. Nice job on the spring spruce up!

Bunny said...

Thanks for stopping by. I love your bed quilt and you are sure having fun paper piecing. I love paper piecing but no time to start another project. Lol hugs Bunny

Kathy's A Quilter said...

your bed quilt is black and white checkerboard. Always makes me smile. You really have had a great case of spring cleaning and great work with the spray cans.

Dianne Mitzel said...

I LOVE the quilt on your is lovely, what is the pattern? I know it's snail trail..all of your creations are wonderful..especially love your animals. Our precious Boston has just been diagnosed with a rare nasal tumor. We are doing radiation, palliative, but I fear her life will be very short. She will be 12 this fall. I can't imagine life without her, it is going to be so lonely for us. when your kids are grown and gone, you really pour the love into these little "people" who are called pets.