Monday, June 18, 2012

It’s Monday

Guess what!  It is Design Wall Monday, again.  And although I feel very accomplished this week, all I did was get the top for a table topper done.

June Color Challenge
As I am sure everyone who reads Judy’s blog, this is the color pallet for June’s challenge.

8000 member block
8000 member block - Copy

This was my plan…..

And this was my finished block.

Next came the project plan.
corner triangles 2
June project
This was the plan and ….

This was the block with the corner triangles.  I hadn’t intended for the block to float but I couldn’t remember the formula for cutting the triangles, decided to err on the side of being too big and then liked the floating effect and left it that way.

Color Challenge TT June

And lastly came the completed top: two borders with on point square in a square blocks in the corners.  The top really is square but I was taking this picture this morning in the bright sunshine (couldn’t really see the image) and while I was talking to my daughter on the same phone.  Anyway, I am really excited with how this has come out and hope to begin quilting it later this week.

I am not a pink fan and am always surprised when I run across this fabric in my stash.  I plan to use it again for the binding but that will not even come close to using it up.  The backing will be the same as the striped background fabric in the block.  The topper measures 32” square and will sit on point on our table.

One of the reasons I didn’t spend as much time in the studio this week is that we had a repair (handy) man out to fix the leak we had around the microwave vent.  He found that the shingles are stapled down and the wind and heat had encouraged some staples to pop up and the wind had torn the shingle and allowed rain water to FLOOD in.  He also said that although our roof looks to be in really good condition, several other shingles/staples are popping up.  We had him pound them back down and today he is coming to add a nail or two to all the shingles on the roof to help with this problem.

Then, while he was here we talked to him about putting a roof over our deck (read front porch).  I have always wanted a fiberglass corrugated translucent roof to allow light while still giving shade and respite from rain.  Well, they don’t seem to make that anymore and the “plastic” stuff is awful (read very poor reviews).  So after searching the internet we spent Saturday afternoon at Lowes and Home Depot looking at what they had and have pretty much decided on a heavy gauge tin roof.  I will be talking to the handyman tomorrow as well as checking out what the local builder’s supply places have and the prices.  Then I think we will start the process of building a cover for 33’ of decking.  How neat to walk out the door and not get wet or hit by the sun.  Open-mouthed smile


Judy D in WA said...

For not being a fan of pink, your pinks here are perfect. When you get this finished and you decide it's just too pink for you, I love it!!! Send it my way. ;)

Vicki said...

I really love your colors for the pallete challenge and the topper is gorgeous. I love it. I love pinks but find it difficult to use up in the stash. Nice job Geri!

Becky said...

Nice topper, with good use of the pallet. I especially like the way you made the cornerstones match the center with the on point squares. I don't seem to remember things like that. Nice project!!

Vicki W said...

Your project turned out great!

Pat said...

I love your project, too. HEY...guess what? I started Weight Watchers (online) last Wednesday. At age 20, I was the 98 lb. weakling but once I hit 40, the metabolism went bye-bye and pound after pound found its way to me and stayed. ENOUGH of this, I said...and got myself moving and am doing well with it. The third day I was feeling weak but went online to the message boards and was advised about planning protein at important points of the day and once I made that adjustment, things got a lot better. I have never been a big liquid person, so drinking the 6-8 glasses a day has been difficult but I'll get there! I thought you'd want to know about this since you are a big proponent of WW and run meetings for them, too.

Kate said...

Beautiful table topper, love the center block!

I'm not a pink person either, but somehow a lot of that color has managed to sneak into my stash!

Melinda said...

Your project looks great - good use of pink!

Sue Daurio said...

ohhhh, I'm not a huge pink person, but this one made me look twice. Love it

Quilter Kathy said...

Very pink growing on you?!?

Connie said...

What a beautiful topper, and I'm starting to like pink more and more too! I sure hope you get your new roof over the deck, I'll be watching as that is what I would love to have too!