Thursday, June 7, 2012

Worthless Wednesday

OK, I know it is Thursday but I am explaining yesterday so I can understand why I am doing Wednesday’s chores today rather than quilting.

Monday:  Did morning housework and then headed to the studio.

There I began working on the feathers lessons Judy is teaching over at Patchwork Times.  This is my plan for the outside border.  I like the idea of the feathers fanning out from the middle so this is how I drew them.

possible middle border and inner border
This is what I am thinking about for the middle and inner borders.  Not too clear about that at this time but one has to have a plan.

I should say here that I have a stitch regulated machine but the regulator isn’t working well so I have been forced to stitch slowly in order to have even stitches and the control I still haven’t mastered. 

outside border stitched
Here is the top border stitched.  Not as good as I would like but doesn’t show too much on that busy fabric.  Guess why I chose it!

backing side
Then I crawled under the machine to see how it looked on the backside and I was not too displeased.  Not perfect (never will be) but better than I thought. 

Unfortunately, by the time I got that far I had to quit for the day.

Tuesday is a full day of Weight Watchers.  I leave at 7am, do a class 60 miles away and then hold an “Open All Day” for the WW center until 3:30.  I get the paperwork done for both and try to get to the bank before it closes at 4.  Then a 45 mile drive to the next town over where I do another class at 5.  I leave there between 6:30 and 7 and get home between 7:30 and 8:30.  It is a very long day for this older lady.

Then came Wednesday.  I usually feel worn out after Tuesday so I don’t plan strenuous activities for the next day.  However I didn’t sleep well Tuesday night and Wed. morning I was tired, weak, dizzy, and feeling unwell (listless).  After taking the dogs out I went back to bed but their barking to get into the bedroom drove me back to the living room…where I laid down on the couch.

what ARE you doing
What you see here is me and two doxies.  Abby seems to be wondering what I am doing and me, too, since I really wanted to sleep.

one napping
Here we have Sadie, sound asleep, and me, not so much.  However she makes me smile so it was all right.

two napping
I really didn’t sleep but I rested all day (with periodic trips outside for the dogs).  I was finally feeling some better in the evening and this morning I am much better and have been working on the things I should have gotten done yesterday so I can spend the afternoon in the studio.

I won’t be getting back to the quilting today as I have BOMs and some piecing that is on the docket.  I am trying to balance my time in the studio so I get things done and don’t have too many things crying out for attention.  It can get very noisy over there sometimes.  Punk    


jonni said...

Clearly Sadie thought it was the perfect way to spend the day...not worthless at all!

soscrappy said...

Glad you had some company while you recovered from that marathon day. Love your plan for the feathers. They will look great on your quilt.