Monday, August 26, 2013

Chickens on the Wall

Binding going on
On Saturday and Sunday I sewed the binding on my Funky Chickens quilt.

Binding & chicken The binding is the same fabric as the small border.

binding and 9 patchI liked using it because it blended in and did not distract from my brightly colored chickens.

Funky Chickens DONESo my design wall this morning is my Funky Chickens quilt, all done.
I showed it last Wednesday, after the quilting was done, but failed to show the backing.

Chicken-Barn backing
Here is the backing.  I made the barn blocks because I remember the chickens at my aunt and uncle’s farm and associate them with the barns that were there. 

chicken head
Can you see the chicken head on this barn block?  It was so much fun to see her show up in the barn.

chicken on backing

I even found one peeking out from the field part of the backing. 

sock done

I did get some knitting done and got my first sock finished.  Isn’t she beautiful?  I was so excited I wore the one sock for over an hour (really too warm for a wool sock).  The second one of these is on the Magic Loop, still a learning in process, but it is coming along and I hope to have a pair of these socks soon sometime.

1st of second pair
The first of the second pair is moving right along.  It is easier right now but the challenge will come when I get to the heel, about 3” from now.  This will be the first heel I have tried so we will see how that goes.  I hope to have these to wear for Christmas so I need to figure this one out so I can make the second one without fear.  Rolling on the floor laughing

knittiing help
Of course I had a lot of help with my knitting.  At one time I had all three dogs on the chair with me while I was knitting.  I guess knitting really is restful.

I did cut all the pieces for another Deck-Ade The Halls block but didn’t have a chance to sew those little pieces together.  That will also be on the schedule for today, or maybe tomorrow.

Check out all the creativity at Patchwork Times and then remember to come back and visit here again.  Gari


Ramona said...

Your Funky Chickens quilt is just awesome! I love it! And the back is so much fun. Great job! And I like your sock yarn, too.

andsewon said...

What a fun quilt!!! Love knitted socks. I wear out the ones I buy at shows. I can not knit or crochet. Keep looking at the Martha Stewart sock loom at Joannes... hummm maybe!Sweet babies! We have a baby kitten that loves to lay on me like your pup!

Bonnie said...

YEA! What a great finish. Those chickens are soooooo fabulous. The quilting really is wonderful. I sure am gushing but they have enticed me since you started showing them. Great backing with barns for the chickens to sleep in. (I'm cracking, evidently!) Nice going on the socks. Heals aren't all that hard. Just follow the directions and if need be find videos on You Tube or watch the Craftsy class over and over. I use the Kitchner stitch to end my socks and every time I do it I have to go to the video to do it right. Works for me until I have a sock done and no internet!

Sue Daurio said...

The Chickens are just fantastic. I love the barns on the back and that you can see the chickens peaking through is just wonderful!

Carolyn Sullivan said...

OMG those chickens are so cute! love the barns too. great Idea! I'm 'new' to knitting I've done a few pairs of socks and everytime I have to do a heel, I do the Knitting videos's and knit the heel w the video. My DD taught me to knit w the videos she said "MOM just google knitting video's and they will come up" can you hear her frustration:)

Kate said...

Love your finished Chicken quilt! Congrats on that finish and on your solo sock finish.

straythreads said...

great quilt!!love the expressions on their faces. great job on first sock

Barb in Mi said...

Love your funky chickens; barns and your specialty quilting! And the socks are coming along nicely! I have a great heel instruction, but only in German - don't know how to translate knitting stuff and can barely read English knitting patterns, sorry. It's close to this tut:

Anonymous said...

the chickens are fantastic!! I love the barns on the back too. I am not able to knit well enough to make pairs of anything, lol, they are never the same size!!!

Paula @ Sewy Stuff said...

I love the chickens!

Quilter Kathy said...

Congrats on a great finish! Love your chicken quilt!

LynCC said...

Hey, hey! All finished! I just love the barn quilt barns on the back.