Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Keeping Busy


This is what has occupied me in the quilting arena.  This is row 4, give or take a few inches either way.
And it is now done.

Chicken 7
Chicken 7 was quick: I think the hens are easier to quilt than the roosters.

Chicken #8

And here is Chicken 8.

#8 closeup

These are really fun and I am trying to make each one just a little bit different.

8.5 of 14.5My sock is coming along.  However, I have only 8” done and I have to do 14.5” before I can begin the toe decreases.

So today I bought a 40” circular needle and am going to start on sock two using the Magic Loop method, or at least I’m going to try. 

batting for lifeThe other thing I bought was a roll of batting: 30 yards of 108” batting.  I have never bought a roll before but recently the LQS owner decided it was time to close up shop and I realized that I have not been able to find the batting I like anywhere else around here.  So even though I really didn’t need batting right now (bought a bunch when she had a sale) I decided I would bite the bullet and stock up.  I am calling this my “lifetime” batting and we will see how that goes.

new waffle maker
Yesterday we went on a shopping trip (where I didn’t find any of the things I went looking for) and came home with this.  We have been going out for waffles for the last few years and decided we would like to try to make them at home.

getting ready
Today was waffle day at our house.

first ever waffle
And here is waffle #1. 

This is waffle #2.  I didn’t think  I had put more in but obviously I did.

really good

And for us this is the best syrup ever.  Of course you can see this is now an empty bottle: we did not eat it all this morning.  Angel

AU sunglasses
The last thing to show is my new sunglasses.  They are Auburn Tiger glasses: War Eagle.

We tried them on Fred and DH says he now looks a lot like me.  I think he looks like DH because they are both bald.  Open-mouthed smile


jonni said...

Your waffle #2 looks like my waffle #1 last week.

loulee said...

Love all the bright batiks you have used for your chooks.
Have fun with your waffle iron.

LynCC said...

Hey!! Funky Chickens is great! You finished its quilting? Way to go! I just love them. :D And I bet you won't be one bit sorry that you bought that whole roll of batting.

Sue Daurio said...

Oh boy, a roll of batting and a waffle iron, throw in some sunglasses and it seriously doesn't get any better than that! I only be batting by the roll. What's nice is I can wait until it goes on sale :)

Kate said...

The chickens are looking good. I love home made waffles. I keep drop hints for My Guy to make some and he hasn't yet.