Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Merry September

treesI am so happy with myself.  I have been able to spend time in the studio and actually get things done.  Here are the Christmas trees for Deck-Ade the Halls.  Someone said they were easy, and they should be, but if you are anything like me, there are problems just around EVERY corner.

another mistakeSo once again a mistake was made.  This is supposed to be the bottom of the tree (look up to see what it really looks like) and would you believe I had cut the excess off before I saw what I had done.  And, yes, I was again chain piecing so did it to all three trees.  It is amazing that I finish anything.

gifts piecesBut here I go again.  Here are the already cut pieces for the next block.

instructions readyThe next one is gifts and it doesn’t look difficult, does it?  And will I be chain piecing?  NO!!  Each gift will be pieced separately, I promise. 

Sept fishI also prepped and put the Sept fish together.  He seems a little bland so I may have to jazz him up a little.

new sockI did start a new sock: I love this yarn.  And I am having so much fun knitting socks.

006In fact this morning found me on the deck knitting on the second of my class socks.  I am on the foot part with about 4” to go before I get to do another toe.

I have done all of this and it is only Wednesday.  One can only imagine what I will get up to the rest of the week.



Sandy said...

You have been a busy lady. All your projects look great. Such a nice variety!

LynCC said...

Hi, Gari! Your trees look great, even if you did take the type of detour I do quite often. ;D And as always, I am highly impressed by folks who can knit socks.

Wonky Girl said...

Oh my dear I've done the same mistake and somehow never learn from it. But, I like your chin-up attitude to march on and keep sewing ;-)

Bonnie said...

The Christmas trees look great, now. I feel your pain on getting things not quite right. Might I just say my seam ripper is always close at hand. I think your fish needs some beads or sequins! Love the new picture of the baby.

Quilter Kathy said...

Thanks for the smile this morning! Good to know I'm not the only one :)
The trees look great now that you have renovated them!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud for your accomplishments!!! I KNOW how hard it is to get things done!!!Good for YOU!!!!!

Kate said...

Your trees turned out great. Some patterns you have to be extra careful to get the pieces turned the right way and even when you are careful, it seems you always mess up one or two.