Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy Anniversary

It is hard to believe but this sweater is finally finished.  I had all the parts knit by the end of October but panicked when it came time to seam them together.  But last week I decided that it had to be completed as I wanted to wear it on our anniversary, which interestingly is today.


And since we have been having cold weather I decided I needed a cowl to go with the sweater. 


I still need to block these and then decide if I am going to put a closure on or not.



I paid a visit to my local yarn shop where the owner is beginning to dye her own yarn “exclusively” for her customers.  I found this skein of yarn and a pattern called something like “rib error.”  The funny thing is that this is not what it looked like so I guess this is a rib errors error.  Anyway I really like how this turned out.


So much so that I made a cowl to match the hat.

Of course all that meant that I was out of that yarn: what’s a knitter to do?


So I bought these two recently hand dyed skeins of yarn.  I said I wanted to knit bright socks so how’s this?



Well, and this is the yarn I decided to use to begin a new pair of socks (yes, I bought three different skeins). This is the milder of the three but I am working myself up to BRIGHT.



I need to get back to the short sleeved sweater but


I had started these socks before I bought the above yarn so I want to finish them first.



So what do cool people do to celebrate their 54th anniversary?  Yes, they go to see Paddington.  As I said, our anniversary is today but we celebrated yesterday.  Having given it some thought I decided that Saturday would mean a theater full of little children but Friday might not.  And I was so right.  The movie was great: we will get it again to see at home.  And afterward we did some antiquing, ate out and finished our day in the big city with a stop at Dunkin for coffee and, of course, donuts.


And now we are back to our daily lives and beginning our 55th year.  Yay!!       Gari
EDIT: 1/23/15
Since I only have one additional photo I decided to amend this post rather than write another. 

As you can see these socks have grown some this week.  I have been either sewing or gadding about more this week so there has been less knitting.  The orange socks have also grown some but not enough to take time for another picture.  I hope to have more next week.   Gari


Kate said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you had a perfect day.

I really like the two bright yarns. They will make some really fun socks.

pollyanna said...

Happy anniversary to you! Fifty-four years is amazing :) And your sweater came out the error's error :) Great hat, great scarf. Enjoy the next 54 years :) (oh gawd no...let's make it the next 35 years so we are not too old to enjoy it!)

Jessica said...

Happy anniversary!

Dar said...

What fun you are having with all that hand dyed yarn. I wish I knew how to do that. I love all the bright colors. Happy Anniversary. How wonderful for you and your hubby to be in good health and celebrating 54 yrs. Your sweater jacket looks really warm. Nice finish on that too,

swooze said...

Happy Anniversary. Love your sweater. I am impressed with all your knitting and youve only been doing it a year. Nice work!

straythreads said...

Happy Anniversary and to share it with a celebrity!!! great looking sweater well done!! love the sock yarns

Judy S. said...

Happy Anniversary. Love the sweater and all the yarn, too!

Bonnie said...

Neat hat even if you think it has errors in it! Looks good to me. Lots of knitting getting done. Glad to see you back to blogging. I'm trying hard to blog more frequently this year. Maybe three times a week if I'm lucky.

barbara woods said...

congrats on 55 years