Sunday, October 11, 2015

BOMs Away

2015-10-09 001
This week, for the first time in 5 months, I was able to go fabric shopping.  I had known that I needed some red fabric for one of my BOMs but since I was unable to stand long enough to cut fabric and press the fusible on it, it really had been a  moot point.  But since I have been getting a little stronger (slowly, oh so slowly) I decided it was time to venture out and shop.  I took this picture because those two rows of fabric are all polka dot fabrics and I was very impressed.

2015-10-10 001

Then yesterday I spent some time drawing/copying the applique shapes on my fusible: I did this for three BOM blocks.

2015-10-11 001
And then today I began cutting fabric and applying the fusible.  I’m getting all three blocks ready at the same time so it was a little confusing. I only cut into four fabrics so I still have some more to prepare.  I kind of got waylaid by knitting needles and yarn. 

One fun thing we did last week was to drive our daughter to where she was picking up her very first brand new car. It was 300 miles up and back with sitting time while she went through the car buying process and then we also stopped for a late dinner.  But we had lots of fun and she was very happy.  She even got a nurse specialty car tag.

Health Update:  I saw the oncologist a couple of weeks ago and he is putting me on a relatively new medication that is supposed to help build up my bones while killing cancer cells.  It has to come from a special pharmacy and be approved by the insurance.  It took two weeks of back and forth conversations to get that approval but he finally got it. The medication comes in the mail so we are waiting on that.

Tomorrow I see the orthopedic surgeon with the hope that I will be told that all is well with my hip and clearance to drive.  He never told me not to drive but the home health nurse assured me I wasn’t supposed to.
Then the next day I am seeing the cardiologist who will tell me that the pacemaker is working fine.

All three of these doctors are great but I am ready to not be tied to them quite so much.

I hope everyone had as nice a weekend as we did and that this will be a great week.  Gari


Randi Allen said...

Hoping you get all good reports!

Anita said...

What shop did you find all of the polka dots in? Maybe I'll make a road trip!!

Hope you continue to heal and mend!!

Kate said...

Glad to see you are back to playing with fabric some. Hope all the doctor's appointments went well.

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh gosh my dear.... you better take it easy and quilt more to stitch everything back together!