Friday, January 1, 2016

On My Needles 1/1/16

 I have started a new knitting project.  It is a cardigan sweater.  The pattern is called a Milo Cardigan and it can be found here.  And it is a free pattern which is even better.  This picture is of the back which I finished this week: it is not blocked yet.  I was a little concerned that it will roll at the bottom since there is no ribbing but that is a problem I will deal with later.

And here is the start of the front.  I am doing both fronts at the same time, just like I make socks.

The only problem is than this sweater has an unusual, for me, band, collar and facing, and each side is done in reverse of the other.  I did read the directions over and over several times before I decided I could figure out how to do them at the same time.  The are worked from the bottom up so for 14" all I have to do is repeat the same two rows over and over.  After that I will be working on that inverted cone shape and things may get a little tricky. We'll see how I do, won't we?

 I am still working on my "leftover" socks and I really like how they look.  I got stopped however when I got to the heel as I always have to watch the video to remember how to do the heel I currently like.  I think I will have to print out the pictures so I can keep going.  This is my studio knitting project and I haven't been out there (no central heat) for the last few days and probably won't much this week or until it warms up a little more.

But this is another reason I am working in the house.  I bought these acrylic needles just before Christmas and I really like them.  I got them because they looked pretty and now I find that they work very nicely.  They have a pretty sharp point and are slippery enough that the yarn moves but still have enough tooth to keep it from slipping off.  I see that they come in double points, too, but I don't really like much working with DPNs so probably won't get them.  Interestingly Staci of Very Pink just introduced this set and spoke very highly of them so I must know what I am talking about.  ;-)

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's Eve and are well on their way to a Happy New Year.  Our daughter and son-in-law will be coming over this evening and are bringing a traditional southern new years dinner: fried chicken, black eyed peas, and greens.  So we should be having good luck in 2016: not taking any chances.

Happy New Year,   Gari


Ramona said...

Thanks for the link to your cardigan. Your yarn is so pretty. Love your left over socks!

Kate said...

Love the yarn you are using in your sweater. The left over socks are lots of fun. Have a very Happy New Year.

Judy S. said...

Love your leftover socks! The cardi is nice too. Now I need to check out that pattern!

Dar said...

Your sweater yarn is looking pretty. The pattern looks advanced though. I love your left over socks. I may have to make some of those soon. I hate having little bits left over on my socks. I'm still a top down knitter and want to reverse it, but it did not happen in 2015. Maybe 2016 will be the year. lol