Thursday, April 7, 2016

This Weeks Projects

 I am getting really excited about this shell.  I have been knitting both the front and back but I will shortly have to work just on the back while I knit in the arm holes and then the neckline.  I decided to do the back first as it seems to be easier and will prepare me for the front.
I have been doing a little on these socks but because I won't be wearing socks for the next 6 months my interest has flagged. 

I also need to knit a new hat as my last one was stolen and my head got cold this past winter.

I did make the top of the second Pat Sloan mug rug.  It is all appliqued but still needs to be sandwiched, quilted and bound.  I can't tell you how much fun it is to be working with fabric again.
 So much fun that I have started working on Esther Aliu's mystery quilt, Sweet 16.  Here I am with pieces of the block #1.  They are supposed to be something like éclairs but right now they look more like hamburgers.
But now we have three sets of three red velvet éclairs, chocolate éclairs, and vanilla éclairs.  They will eventually be piled up on a plate and kept under a glass dome.  Mine are a little mundane but I just couldn't make multicolored cakes like Esther's original ones. 
I will try to make up for it with the lace I found to attach to the bottom of the cake platter.  This is the leftover lace from a quilt I made several years ago called Baskets & Lace.

The only thing that has been hindering my sewing time is that we are having such wonderful Spring weather.  And I frequently find myself sitting on the deck, knitting.  The puppies love it that I am out there as they can play in the fenced in area and bark at every car that passes.

That being said, I'll close and knit a few rows before I turn in.
Night ....... Gari

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straythreads said...

The yarn you are using for the shell looks luscious cotton and silk? Love the socks and all your projects

pollyanna said...

Your shell is absolutely gorgeous, Gari :) And the socks are fun. I am glad you are able to get into the quilting studio for times. But sitting on the deck, listening to the pups bark and feeling the sunshine...paradise :)

Glenda said...

Gari your macaroons do not look like hamburgers
LOL. I thought mine did to when I as making them more laughter. Your socks look so soft and warm. Enjoy the spring sunshine. Hugs Glenda

Rhonda said...

You are so talented. Great knitting projects. When you mentioned socks, I started sweating....LOL!!!

Kate said...

Lots of fun projects going on. Glad to see you are back in the sewing room. Your mug rug turned out beautifully. Looking forward to seeing your elegantly plated eclairs.

Dar said...

How fun to be making eclairs! And those socks are right up my alley. I tend to wear my socks all year long (whenever I have on tennis shoes). They do not feel any warmer than cotton socks. I've made a few of the short tennis style with the blended wool, bamboo blends and they work well too.
You have lots of fun projects going on. Have a good week.