Thursday, June 2, 2016

A New Start

My swift arrived and it was so easy to set up.  I have to say that all I had to do was remember watching Louise, late of Pale Moon Yarns, and do what I saw her do.

 I remembered watching her untwist the yarn so round and round I went until it was as straight as I could get it.  Then I started rotating the ball winder and we went faster and faster and .......
then I had three perfect balls of yarn.  I am pretty sure this is hand dyed yarn because each ball is somewhat different.  The first one is soft colors, the second has a very strong yellow section and the third has a bright orange section. 

I am going to use them in that order so the back will be the softer colors with the yellow coming next and, I hope, the bright orange will complete the bottom of the front and the button band.  I am adding about 8" to the front and back. This picture is of the first 4.5".   The yarn color is truer in the picture of the balls, it is really not this intense.  Anyway, I am on my way with this pattern and should have a new cardigan before the end of the summer.
We spent a wonderful Memorial Sunday with this charming child and his really fun mother, Michelle.  He, Ryder, is our great grandson and she is the wife of our grandson, who had to work that day.  We had thought to go to the beach but it was so crowded that we spent the day at their house and Ryder played in his new blow-up pool.  Later we met his father, Chris, for dinner (no pictures because I was too busy eating baby back ribs) before heading home.  I usually don't like traveling on holidays but there was very little traffic on Sunday so we had a very nice drive.

I have been building a list of things I would like to do but so far all I seem to do is knit.  And I used to be so well rounded.  I guess I need to get back to using my time more wisely.  Till next time ...Gari

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Kate said...

That sweater is going to be gorgeous, love the mix of colors. Sounds like you had a great holiday weekend.

Sharon Massena said...

Stunning colors! I think you're going to really enjoy the sweater