Thursday, June 16, 2016

Knitting Progress, Needles, and UFOs

 I am really excited about this sweater, Spring Bloom.  What we are looking at is
 the back and I am currently going over the shoulders.  The pattern says to stop one side and knit the other side down to the bottom.  Well, I have never been good at following directions so I am doing both sides at the same time.  Additionally, I was following the chart and missed when I was supposed to add stitches to knit the sleeves.  So I will be adding them at the end. 

This is a close-up of when I changed to the second skein of yarn.  Can you see the difference?  I changed on the row when I bound off for the neckline.  I had written to the yarn manufacture about the differences between the skeins but the response was that they are careful.  Knowing the differences I have planned for where the differences will show up and I think it will be terrific.

Over a year ago I bought this little chest to house my ever growing knitting needles.  I have only been knitting for 3 years and have collected a lot of needles.

I bought acrylic boxes that fit the drawers, 5 to a drawer.  And the reason that there is an empty one is that I have several unfinished projects lying around. 

This is just a small number of the projects in bags.  Additionally I have at least two completed sweaters that haven't been stitched together, at least four sets of socks in various stages of completion.  How did this happen? 

So I guess I need to set some finishing goals and then get on them.  Meanwhile, the week is almost over so have a great weekend and Father's Day.  Gari 

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Sharon Massena said...

WOW for only knitting 3 years, you have been one very busy woman. I love the colors in the sweater

Ramona said...

Your idea to store your knitting needles is great. I'm going to look for some of those acrylic containers. The yarn for your sweater is beautiful. I need to set finishing goals for myself on occasion, too!

Dar said...

Your sweater is turning out great. I love your needle organizer. Is it a liner that you put in the drawer or is the whole drawer sectioned off

Kate said...

Very pretty sweater. The color change isn't so obvious. Enjoy your knitting. Seems that every craft has it's share of UFOs.