Friday, December 23, 2016

A Little Knitting

 What can I say, I just couldn't stop knitting these slippers.  All in all I think I made 9 pair before I hid the yarn and made myself  turn to other projects.  I can knit them in my sleep and probably did.  But they are fun and, depending on the needle size, could be knit in any size. 

 Slippers even fit with mug rugs. 

 And if one set is good, two sets are perfect.  Hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and warm feet.  What could be better?

 In an effort to find something new to do, and not work on knitting UFO's, I decided on a waffle knit dishcloth.  This is fun to knit and is very easy.  I have knit two and will continue until I have used up this cone of cotton yarn.  I'm going to try to get back to  project knitting after the first of the year.

And one more thing that is not knitting, this throw I made for our great grandson for his 2nd birthday.  It has Star Wars on one side and Air Force on the other.  He has lived close to us for the last couple of years and a couple of weeks ago his dad moved him to Colorado.  His mom, who is completing her stint in the Air Force, had to remain behind for a couple of months so we will be spending Christmas with her.  I hope we will also be seeing her several times before she follows her little family to the cold country.

Merry Christmas to one and all.  I hope you all have wonderful, fun, and safe holidays,  Gari

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Kate said...

Very fun slippers. Those look like great gifts as do the mug rugs. Hope you are having a very Merry Christmas.