Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas & Chickens

This is the second year we have had our ladder Christmas tree with our Christmas Village pieces.  And once again I am thrilled with how it looks and the joy it brings us.  Last year I painted the ladder and Eric placed all of the pieces.  This year Eric did it all and did a wonderful job.  It was fun seeing how the pieces got moved and moved again until he was satisfied.

 And this week I finally felt good enough to put another quilt on the frame.  This one was, again, started over two years ago and fell by the wayside when I was sidelined by illness.  Because I now have a lot of back pain it takes me longer to get things done.  So I got the quilt loaded one day and quilted two rows the next day.  I would be over there quilting now but I had a doctor's appointment this morning and after sitting in the waiting room chairs my back is really acting up so I will get back to it tomorrow.

 For some reason I have become obsessed with cooking appliances.  I really have always enjoyed walking through cooking stores but recently I have wanted to have several of the things I have been seeing.  One of these things has been good cutting boards.  I don't use the stove very often so I bought this one that fits over the top of the glass cooktop.  It is removable when the top is needed and has legs, that we haven't put on yet, so it does not sit directly on the top.  I figured it would protect the glass and keep all the crud from building up on the surface.  Since I took this picture I have begun oiling it and it looks beautiful.

Our neighbor has chickens.  But he is currently living about 100 miles away, taking care of a family member.  His son has been coming daily to care for the chickens but recently they decided to let the chickens out of their pen.  And to our delight they found their way to our yard.  We used to have his chickens visit daily but it has been a while.  As soon as we saw them we ran out to buy chicken feed: enticing them to return as often as they like.  Aren't they beautiful?

I am currently pursuing a pain management implant for my back pain (see this post).  There are several hoops I have to jump through and so far I have done three.  It is the wait between hoops that I really hate.  Why can't these medical professionals communicate with each other more rapidly?

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Kate said...

Glad you'be been able to get back to quilting. Hope you can get handle on the pain management stuff. My Mom's been seeing a pain management specialist for her knee and back pain. She's been so much better than she was this time last year.

Ramona said...

I'm sorry your back pain continues and hope you get some results from the implant soon. Waiting in the hardest part. Your cooktop cutting board is so neat! I have never seen one like that. And what pretty chickens. I imagine it feels good to be quilting again, even if it's only for short snippets of time.