Monday, January 9, 2017

Remember the Plan

Remember the plan, making quilts and knitting sweaters?  Well, it is amazing that the smallest things can undo the plan, at least temporarily.

The little thing is Dallas, named for the Dallas Cowboys.  And this picture is really a lie as Dallas almost never looks like this.  Doesn't she look sweet?

This is more like it, constant movement.  I have even given up most of my computer time unless I go to the table or a desk to work.  I really had forgotten how much time and energy it takes to care for a puppy.

Dallas is very loving, attention seeking, and energetic.  She has begun to fit in with the 3 older doxies who live with us: they were highly annoyed when she didn't go home last Thursday.  And one really good thing is that she is used to being in a confined space all day while our daughter is at work so here she goes down for "naps" a couple times a day.

My studio does not have central heat so with the temps in the 20s I have not been over there all weekend.  While in the house I have been collecting easy quilt ideas and have been drawing on the fusible for some applique blocks I will be working on. 

Prior to the weekend I did set up fabric for my first project.  I have never made pillowcases but had thought I would try.  I had the main fabric and just before Dallas and the freezing weather, I pulled the additional fabrics, watched a video and printed the directions.  Now all of that is waiting for me in the very cold studio.  It is supposed to be going up into the 60s tomorrow and 70s later in the week so I should be learning how to make pillowcases soon.

As I write this I am on the couch with hubby and 4 dogs.  All is quiet because Dallas is "resting."  But soon chaos will reign again and we will be laughing all afternoon.  Baby's can be fun.  I hope you all have fun this week, too.   Gari 

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Kate said...

Dallas does look like a little sweetie. But as you say, the little ones take a bit more attention. Hopefully it has warmed up and you've been able to get in the studio and stitch for a bit.