Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Little Quilting, Knitting, and My Back

I am really excited, I am finally getting back to working on a quilt.  This is block 3 of Esther Aliu's 2016 BOM.  And, yes, I am way behind.  Her applique quilts really challenge me and I am very careful to choose which ones of hers I try.  Well, this one is right on the edge.  This block was not too difficult and today I finished it, as far as I can go until all of the rest are ready to be put together.

 This is the next block and the last one I have ready.  I hope to start stitching the applique down this week and to get back to working on the next block.  I have all of the pieces ready I just need to put them together, not a little job.  And then there will be 7 more before it is ready to be completed.  Sometimes I really do wonder why I love quilting.  😏

While I was choosing which thread to use I pulled out this red.  Then I took the plastic off, that holds the thread together, and saw how it was discolored.  I remembered that I had a thread bleed on a previous piece and wondered if this was the same one.  And if it discolored the plastic what would it do on my fabric?

So I decided to throw it away and not take a chance.  I know that I was VERY upset when thread made such a mess of a project and was really upset today when I saw that it came from a well known manufacturer.

 This past week I made my first and second pillowcase.  Now I know that thousands of others have made millions of pillowcases but I hadn't.  I am not showing them because they will be gifted so I am showing the fabric I pulled to make two for me.  After I get these done I will start making kids pillowcases to go with the charity quilts I am planning.  I have to do these four because I can't seem to remember the formula for how to put them together: I have had to rip out 42" of stitches.  But after four I should have the thing down. 

This is my new knitting project.  I have another sweater going but I am not sure I like the yarn I bought so when this kit came in I jumped ship and started it.

I got it from Craftsy.  The yarn came in huge balls and since I am knitting both front pieces at the same time, I have to work with two of them.  It has been lots of fun, so far.

 This is how far I have gotten.  The sweater is knit from the top down so I have done the top of the collar and have added stitches for the collar extension, I think.  I really love how the color/value of the blue changes and I like the feel of this acrylic yarn.

And now for a personal *****.  If you have read my previous blog posts (here) you know that I am working on decreasing my back pain.  The above picture is how my back looks, minus the part that goes lower.  This is all a part of a trial to see if this will work for me.  I have a "wire" up my spine and all that tape is keeping it there and in place.  Then there is a plastic box taped there and a "belt" that holds another plastic box. Each of the boxes are attached to leads that are attached to the wire.  AND, I have a remote that allows me to choose different  "programs" of stimulations that are to ease and/or block the pain.  I am on day 3 of 7.  I think I am having some relief but I am not sure that it might just be a placebo effect.  But I do know that I have been able to stand for longer periods of time, both strength and pain free.  We'll see how it goes as I try more and more things. 

Have a great week, make the most of what you have,  Gari

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Angie in SoCal said...

Those pastries and cake look good enough to eat. I'd send that photo to Robinson-Anton.

Beautiful work, Gari

Debbie said...

will try to keep up on how your back does... very interesting.

Kate said...

Glad to see you are back to your applique. Hope the experiment on lessening the back pain goes well. Looks pretty complicated.