Monday, December 21, 2009

Design Wall & Frozen Roses

With all the Christmas gifts finished, wrapped, and either sent or stacked, it was fun to get back to working on those UFOs that seem to plague all of us.

The rail fence blocks on the left are leftover blocks from the South Seas quilt.

My plan is to put 2-3 borders around them and it will be my first charity quilt for 2010. There is one block left so it will go in the orphan block bag which one day will be a Bonnie Hunter type of backing for a quilt.

The three basket blocks are the last of the A Tisket a Tasket BOM blocks by Bunny Hill Designs.

I was behind so I got these three fused and hope to get them stitched down this week. Then I will have completed all of the BOM blocks and be ready to figure out what setting I want to use. I have really enjoyed doing the fusible appliqué and love how these blocks turned out. The one thing I seem to not be able to learn is to reverse the pattern when I am copying it onto the fusible. Several of my blocks are backward but I know that no one who sees my quilt will know that so I am not upset, I just need to learn. Be sure to drop over to Judy’s blog to check out the other design walls.

Not on the wall, but done this last week are two shirts I machine embroidered for DH and I to wear to the Outback Bowl in 10 days.

We are really getting excited and the “rivalry” has begun. What fun!!!

And lastly, frozen roses:

I didn’t want our friends and family up in the Northeast to think that they were the only ones to have winter. We have had frost for the last two nights and my poor roses, which keep blooming, are really suffering. But don’t they look like God placed diamonds on them?


Kare said...

Those roses look as though they have been sugared - good enough to eat!

karenfae said...

Too bad the roses froze. I occasionally have a rose bud open by Christmas Day but most often they are frozen. I have two buds right now that never matured enough and froze about a week or two ago.

Judy said...

Good job getting the gifts finished and wrapped! I say every year I will be done but.
Nice start with charity quilts. I hope to do more this year and I love the shirts. Backwards??? I would have never guessed. Even frozen roses are beautiful.

True Blue Nana said...

Great rail fence quilt. That is a pattern that seems to be often overlooked but it can be made up so creatively. I love your blues and greens.

Pat said...

Nice things on your design wall and the shirts look great. Sorry about your roses but I DO feel better to know you aren't sitting around outside sipping iced tea in the warm sunshine while I'm freezing my fat butt off up here!!! LOL

Michelle (Shell) May said...

My roses look like your roses. Been mighty cold here in NC.
Good way to start of the New Year by getting some UFO's out of the way. Then you can start working on more! hee,hee,hee.
bunny hugs,

quiltingnana said...

you seem as busy as the rest of us...congrats to your daughter...have a happy holiday

Myra said...

Love what you have on your display wall! Great fabrics in your rail fence blocks, and your basket blocks look great! 8-)

Mary said...

The rail fence blocks look great!