Sunday, December 27, 2009

Perfect Christmas

I love it when a plan comes together. Woke up Christmas morning and Santa, a Northwestern fan, had come with all things Auburn.

The weather here in South Alabama was picture perfect: blue skies and a nip in the air. None of that white stuff and no rain (had that the night before).

We had opened gifts the night before so it was a quiet breakfast before leaving for our daughter’s for Christmas dinner. There we also had our granddaughter (Megan) and her boyfriend (Eric) and their son Skylar, the hit of the party.

This picture is entitled “Eric Bookends.”

Having two Eric’s has been just a little confusing.

Our daughter got a stethoscope and here, in this very fuzzy picture, she is showing it off while talking on the phone with her older brother. Think he can see it?

This is our SIL, Gary, who besides getting a fleece throw from us got this hat. He is a big hunter with an even bigger sense of humor.

After all that fun, Eric and I left for NWFL where we took in a movie, Sherlock Holmes, and went out for a Chinese dinner (wonderful). Then home to a fire in the fireplace and peace and quiet. Wonderful day.

No new design wall picture this week to put on Judy's blog: see last week’s post. I did finish the appliqué on the basket blocks and even got the rail fence blocks sewn together but they look just the same . I will be showing some of the quilty gifts I made in the days to come.

Now, at our house, we are doing some “spring” cleaning.” Yesterday I was cleaning out a junque area that I hope to turn into a fused glass studio and today I am working on finding all the surfaces in the quilt studio. I have told myself that I cannot start another project until I have cleared out the scraps and leftovers from both my prior projects and the room switch. So wish me luck and I’ll be back.


belinda said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas
day indeed Gari!!

True Blue Nana said...

What great family pictures. Don't you just love it when everyone is together? I can see what that cutie was the hit of the party.

Exuberant Color said...

good luck cleaning the quilt studio. I've been working on mine a little every day for a week and it's still a mess. I guess I need a better plan.

Kim said...

Oh wow, now that is what I call a perfect day!

Thanks for your visits to my blog and your kind comments :0) Carolina Christmas is coming along and I hope to have the border on by days end.

So should I do the mystery for NYE or finish up some projects in progress? Hmmmmmm..

Have a blessed 2010 and Happy Sewing