Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The good and the bad

The good: I have gotten all the stems appliqued on my borders and have started on the flowers. The three borders on the design wall only have their flowers pinned on but I do have one border completed: all appliqued.
I appliqued the stems with a green thread but the flowers are being done with mono-poly.

Just seeing the flowers on the borders really makes me happy/excited. Doesn't it look like spring?

The bad: yesterday the light didn't come on with I opened the refrigerator. And, it didn't come on when I opened the freezer. Fortunately we have two refrigerators so I moved everything into the smaller one (everything but what needed to be thrown out anyway). I checked the circuit breaker but all were still on. Then later in the day I discovered that one of our lamps also didn't come on. So I have decided that we have a bad breaker. Tomorrow I will check it by switching a good breaker and if that is the problem, will get a new one and we will be back in business.

Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to clean the refrigerator. Top picture is the very clean, and smelling of bleach, refrigerator. The picture to the right is the many containers that were cleaned out during the purge. Not a fun afternoon but certainly well worth while.

Tomorrow, after my electrical experiment, I will be back in the studio. I want to get a backing put together but I am being called by those borders.


  1. Leave the electrics to someone else - just have fun quilting, lol! Your applique is looking lovely!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. The fridge problems don't look very fun....but at least your fridge is squeeky clean now! Makes me want to tear mine apart for a good cleaning!! Love the applique flowers :)

  3. I hate doing the fridge cleaning....especially in an "urgent" situation like that. I hope it's just a breaker ...which it seems like that is the problem.

  4. My fridge had a problem in January - fortunately it was cold enough to put food out on the deck for a couple of days. My DH was able to change out something and it is working. The good part of that was I cleaned it all out - probably time to do it again - the cleaning, not the fixing.

  5. Bummer!! HOpe you get everything worked out, without spending too much $$$! YOur project is coming along nicely...

  6. goodness gracious you are talented!
    Oh, are you available next Wed?!?!


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