Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday, again

The design wall has not changed, much. I have added one string block. Actually there are two new ones but the picture was taken just before the second one was completed.

I have now completed three of the four appliqued borders. I plan to get the fourth done this week and then sewn on. It should be easy peasy after that, just complete and sew on the piano borders and the top will be done. Quilting will be another matter.

I started quilting Baskets and Lace and almost immediately had tension problems. First I was getting bobbin thread poking up on the top. And now I am occasionally having the bobbin thread just jump out of the bobbin and not have any tension at all.

I have gotten 8 of the 12 blocks quilted, with occasional stops to clip out the affected thread, reset the bobbin thread, and start again.

I am really happy with the look this free motion quilting has given these little baskets.
I don't know how much I will be getting done this coming week or two. DH has two weeks off between semesters and I am planning/hoping to get some house projects done. I guess we will see how many projects get done: at home or in the studio. ;-)


Pat said...

Your basket blocks are looking very nice. Do you know why your machine is giving you tension problems?

Judy said...

I love string blocks!!! Sorry your machine is giving you fits. Why must they be so temperamental?? That background filler is one of my favorites and it looks great with the baskets.
You know I am excited to see your completed top!

Quilter Kathy said...

Your quilting looks fabulous! Don't you just hate it when the tension goes bezerk?!?