Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Murphy's Law

First, I seemed to be really wiped out from my long weekend of classes and family visits. Monday I got up, ready to go and after just 20 min. of sewing, I was pooped. I tried to gear myself up but by noon I found that I couldn't concentrate. So back to the house I went and I bounced back and forth between a little house picking up and sitting with the puppies.

Tuesday found me in bed until after 9 am. Still tired, or just limp, I spent a little time in the studio, again getting only a little accomplished, so I came back in the house where I got less accomplished than on Monday.

This morning I was raring to go. I was off to the studio where I completed the two blocks I had started on Monday and Tuesday. And guess what happened. The electricity cut off in the studio. I have checked the breakers and can't get it going again. It is still on in the house so I know we aren't having a blackout, but with 98F weather I also can't work in the studio. Does this mean I have to do housework again today?

Here are my two latest Jelly Roll Sampler blocks. I got a little behind but I am caught up now.

Here is the problem with this challenge BOM. I am beginning to run out of full strips. It is going to get really difficult to make the last four blocks with the partial strips I have left. I guess that is what the challenge is. I know that some people are using fabric from either more than one block but I decided to use just the one roll with only adding the muslin background fabric occasionally. May not have been the best of decisions. (?)

I am adding two pictures of the quilt our guild has as a donation quilt. Our town is having a townwide "homecoming" in November and the guild decided to do a quilt show as our part. Additionally, the homecoming committee decided to make some additions to a beautiful playground to make it more accessable to handicapped/disabled children. Our quilt proceeds will be going to that cause.
I am not in this picture and I did not participate in the quilt making or quilting but I did make the label.


Melinda said...

I like the jelly roll you are using for the sampler. Yours is so bright and cheerful. Great guild quilt also. Hope you are feeling better and you are able to get into the studio soon.

momhooten said...

Love your jelly roll blocks. Please post how we can get tickets on the quilt!

Sharie said...

I will get a ticket. Send info to
Did they use a pattern for the guild quilt? If so do you know what it was?

joanne lendaro said...

LOVE the colors on your jelly roll, and send me the ticket info!!