Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What A Week

Our week started with a visit from our DS#2, DDIL, and DGS#6 (now that took some thinking). Anyway, they live in CO so we don’t see them often and they are currently on a three week tour of family and friends. Only one week out and they look exhausted and it didn’t help that she came down with bronchitis right after leaving home.

Monday saw our SIL coming over to start cooking on his beautiful homemade grill.

Here you see him waiting to turn the chicken and burgers, our DGS#2 wrapping corn for grilling and DH cheering them on. I’ll bet everyone for a mile around was wishing they had an invite to the feast.

Eventually we had two rooms full of family plus DGS#2 brought a friend who is a girl (???). There was lots of laughing and no picture taking cuz I was having a really good time and forgot.

Tuesday morning I got a little sewing done, getting the binding ready for Going Dotty.

I decided to make it a scrappy binding (something new to me) using the quilt fabrics.

Then in the afternoon I went to the school with DH, reading blogs while he taught, and then we went to a little town in AL that boasts being Alabama’s Antique City. Well, not so much but we did find this.

But what happened this afternoon was the best. I had checked for Dotty’s backing fabric at a quilt shop yesterday and found nothing I wanted, well not for the backing. ;-) So I made a plan to tour 3-4 shops in NWFL, looking for backing. However, before making that trip I went to the LQS and look what I found.

Isn’t this just perfect?


Melinda said...

The backing is perfect and I am happy to see you are going to try a scrappy binding. I really like the scrappy binding I just finished. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Sally Hamilton said...

Perfect! It's "happy" looking fabric. I love scrappy binding - gives the piece more character.

Pat said...

I can't wait to see your scrappy binding...I"m sure it will look great. I always worry that I'll end up with bulky seams at the corners of my quilt if I have a binding that is heavily pieced. LOL LOVE that homemade grill!!!

Wilma NC said...

I love scrappy bindings. I sew together any leftover bindings into this roll I started a while back, and whenever I have a scrappy quilt, I already have the binding. I think it looks cool.

Judy said...

Fancy BBQer!!! Don't you love a big BBQ! Scrappy bindings are awesome and that backing is perfect!
Love the new picture!