Monday, June 21, 2010

What a Week

What a week this was. When I last posted I was in the dark, in the studio at least. But in gallant quilting form I brought a machine and “Dotty” stuff over to the little sewing space in my bedroom and spent Thursday sewing as many blocks together as I had parts. And, I discovered that I hadn’t made enough parts for the size of quilt I want.

Friday our SIL came over to check the electric connection to the studio and guess what he found.

This is the circuit breaker for the studio: fried. He thinks it was hit by lightning and finally gave up the ghost. I had lost power a couple of times but was able to restore it by reswitching the breaker. I guess each time we did this it weakened the breaker a little more until “it was no more.” Anyway, with a new breaker I was back in business.

So I planned a full day of studio sewing for Saturday but just as I got everything back in and ready to go, DH came by to say that he had meant to talk to me on Friday about a little something. It seems he had “just stopped by the car dealer and ……..” Well, you probably know the rest. Here he is sealing the deal.

Here he is signing the deal.

And here he is explaining to me how good a deal it was.

Thank goodness for Sunday. I was able to sew a few more blocks and begin putting some of them in rows.

I have decided to sew Dotty together in fourths. And, I have one of the fourths sewn.

The blocks are 18” square so Dotty will be 90” x 108” before borders, which I am thinking about not using. It seems that the quilt is so busy it doesn’t need borders. What do you think?


  1. Dotty can certainly stand on her own without borders!!! I'm glad you have your power situation corrected now.

  2. Isn't it fabulous that only the breaker got fried! I agree with Pat, no borders needed on the bright/happy quilt! And your husband is so cute with his new truck! I am NOT saying anything to my husband about this. :-)

  3. Nope, I wouldn't use a border either. And I must day I absolutely hate car shopping. I told my DH this week when he went to buy his truck that if I had to sign it the dealer had 5 min. for me to sign my name. Thank goodness I didn't have to. But it looks like your man has a nice vehicle, isn't it funny they have to "explain" what a great deal they got... hmmmm...maybe like I explain the fabric was 50% off. :)

  4. Here is another vote for no borders. I am finding recently that many quilts do not need borders. Great truck and a happy looking husband. Have fun!

  5. That's already such a big quilt! i don't think it needs borders, but Judy L. would probably disagree :)

  6. Such a happy quilt and I don't think it needs borders.

  7. The bigger the truck, the crazier the man...

  8. hahaha!! Maybe I should buy that lottery ticket-for us both!! cute story!!

  9. So glad you WON the contest! You NEEDED a win!!!! :) XO


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