Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Progress & Quilt Show

I am making progress on my 12 Days of Christmas.

I have put the dove and 2 gifts together and have one cut out, ready to go.

Around the tree are some fabrics I am trying out for the background and borders. Decisions, decisions.

But there will be no more sewing for the next three days. Thursday, of course, I will be in NWFL and then Friday & Saturday I will be working our Quilt Show.

Sunday was setup for this show.

The setup chairman was so well organized and had a complete plan which worked out beautifully.

All of the quilts were lined up alphabetically and then

were picked up and deposited at their assigned location.

Guild members then clipped the quilts together and,

with the help of several wonderful husbands, the quilts were hung over the PVC pipes. (several weeks ago we were cleaning said pipes....oh, what fun.)

Then last night we tweaked the show layout and the vendors began their setup. It’s not the biggest show I have been to but it is really nice looking and I am so impressed with the talent we have in this guild.

And here are a few shots of how our show looks.

I have put pictures of individual quilts on my Webshots page. Please check them out. I didn’t get pictures of all the quilts but I think it is pretty representational of what we have to offer.


Sharie - Moss Bluff said...

It looks like a really nice show. I see some pretty quilts in there.

Linda said...

Quilt show looks great! You ladies did a lot of work!

Jessica said...

Pretty quilts!

Quiltdivajulie said...

What an enormous amount of work showcased in your guild's quilt show.

THANK YOU for sharing so much eye candy!!

karenfae said...

getting ready for a show is hard work but God it sure does look pretty when it is done doesn't it!! So many lovely quilts to look at.

Gretchen said...

Congratulations on your successful show! There's a bunch of talented quilters in your group.