Thursday, November 25, 2010

Very Happy Thanksgiving

Here in the South we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a beautiful day.

This is what we see as we step out our front door. It really looks so peaceful, doesn’t it? However, Thanksgiving was being celebrated at our DD and DSIL’s house so we passed right by all of this and left.

And this was what we came to see.

This is a charcoal grilled turkey. Even though it looks black no part of it was burned. This bird was perfectly spit grilled and smoked by our SIL, Gary.

He loves to cook: having his picture taken, not so much. Heh, heh!

So we ate, talked, laughed, and ate some more. And then it was time to come home.

I did get a little sewing in after our return and completed the applique. After being “scrunched” under the machine, one can’t say this is a fragile top. But later this weekend I will be putting it on the quilt frame.

I also made the star for the top of the tree. Well, attempted, I should say.

Look at those square points. I tried several times to get pointed points but I just can’t do it. So I have come up with an alternative for the tree top but will save that for when it is ready.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Don’t spend too much on Black Friday. I plan to stay home, sew and quilt.


Pat said...

I'm glad you had a nice day. I'm sure that turkey was yummy...I've only had grilled turkey once but it was terrific.

Melinda said...

We had a little rain in the morning but the rest of the day was nice. We were going to deep fry the turkey but ended up with it in the oven because of the rain. Sounds like you had a great day!

karenfae said...

I smoked a turkey once but usually just bake it in a baking bag and it comes out so moist. You had better weather than us - rain, rain and went from warm to cold.

Tonya said...

that turkey looks delicious

quiltingnana said...

thanks for the good wishes...never had grilled turkey here...