Monday, August 1, 2011

Where’s the Design Wall?

Today DH and I began week #14 of our morning 2 mile walk.  I am so very proud of us, each of us has only missed 2 days and both times the other went alone.  Now this may not seem like much to most of you but we are OLD, 68 and 70.  Also, when we started the morning temps were in the low 60s.  Today it was 79 and the humidity was 84%, and this was at 6:30 am. 

3 mo of walking


And did I tell you that Abby goes with us at least 6 days a week?  And this is usually how it is with her the full 16’ of leash ahead of us.  But she loves it and pouts when, on the rare occasion, she has to be left at home.


When we started I couldn’t find the Sketchers I had bought the last time we were walking.  So I wore an old pair of shoes until we had walked consistently for four weeks.  And then I got these, and I love them.  They live in the car (the socks change daily) and until I saw this picture I didn’t realize that they have walking stains on them.  Whoopee, I can see how I abuse them by using them. 

Now I know that most of you came to see my Design Wall.DW

Well, here it is, looking a looking a lot like it did last week.  I have bordered the diamonds with a continuation of the background fabric and am playing with some ideas for the center blocks which will also need additional background fabric.  Anyway, I am almost ready to put this thing together.  It has been a design as you go project but in the end I think it is going to be very pretty.

Ravelly fabric

Now for a really great thing….. I won these fantastic fabric squares from Ravelly to use in her new When Nature Calls BOM!  The first block is out and I am so excited to begin, yet another, BOM.  My mother has an outhouse theme in her bathroom (and, no, she is not getting this quilt) so I have decided that my tribute to her will be this quilt in my master bath.  Anyway, block 1 is on my agenda for this week.

One of the reasons for little being accomplished this week is that we were out and about all week.  I don’t think we really did much but I did buy some fabric (no picture yet) and this..

New toy


Now, isn’t this cute?  But wait……..






toy flashdrive

It’s a flash drive, a 4G flash drive.  And it works.  It’s not like I needed another flash drive but it was so cute I couldn’t resist.  They had several different animals so I am hoping I don’t find myself at Staples again any time soon. 


And now it is time to flash on over to Patchwork Times to see what other quilters are doing with their time and money.


Linda in Calif. said...

That is the cutest little flash drive. If only I used one then I could buy it. hehehe
Good job with the walking! I know what you mean about the weather changing and still keeping it up. You guys are really doing good.

Janet said...

Good job on the walking!! That is great. I'm such a fair weather walker-- you make me ashamed of myself. Rocco loves to walk, but the humidity is hard on him too. I love the flash drive. What do you use it for? Just wondering......... lol Always fun to see your design wall. : )

Kari Nitzel said...

Its fun to see all the different types of flash drives they come up with. Your design wall is coming quite nicely; and good job on becoming more active. That is my next wish.

scraphappy said...

Congratulations on all that walking. Age is truly about how you feel, and it looks to me like you are feeling young! Cute flash drive, I may have to pop into staples and see if they still have some. Your quilt seems to be coming together nicely, it is a complicated layout, but I'm sure it will all puzzle together in the end.

Chris said...

I love your little flash drive. I have a little pig that my daughter bought me :)
Kudos on sticking to your morning walks.

Bonnie said...

Ok Gari, just so you know, your ages are just so NOT old. Don't you know 60 is the new 40, or something like that! I was walking 3 times a week until the weather went north... or up the thermometer that is. It isn't a whole lot better but I want to lose a little bit more weight before our son's wedding and the walking helps so much. Design wall looks good. And, cute little Panda. Does he store all the goodies you find on the internet for your quilting? thanks for sharing everything.

Melinda said...

Oh no - now I have to go to Staples. Great job on the walking. You aren't old - same age as me and I am still young (at least in my head).

Cherie in St Louis said...

Just saw you won the Baby GO from Laura!! Congrats :)