Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Wall Progress

DW 8-29-11

Isn’t it amazing?  I have something new on my design wall!  I cut these tumbler blocks and spaced them out so I can fill in between with either white or cream tumblers. 

pieces 1

Here is a picture of the blocks as I laid them out on the ironing board.  I was looking at how they go together as I have never made a tumbler quilt before.

This will be a comfort quilt and here I am, again, trying to use up the 30s fabric I got for this quilt and used again in this quilt.  And yet this fabric continues to seem to multiply as soon as I turn the light out in the studio.  For this reason I already have planned a doll sized quilt for the cradle using what’s left (I hope) of it.

Prior to the tumbler blocks going up on the wall, this was there:  Underground Railroad blocks-almost

These are my Underground Railroad blocks.  Well, except for what you see as the first block in the third row.  There you can see the fabric for the last block which I hope to sew this week.

sashing possibility

Here are the blocks with the fabric I have chosen, I think, for the sashing.  I’d like to do something different than just straight sashing so I’m glad I have some time to figure it out.

I am finally getting around to working on My Hearts Desire quilt blocks.  Hearts Desire Block 3-1 of 4

So I got out the prepped pieces for the first of 4 blocks.  I laid them out and look how many empty places there are.  I was sure I had made all of the pieces for all 4 blocks but now I see that I had only gotten started.  So I will set aside time each day to prep those missing parts.  I am way behind with these: Esther has already started a new BOM quilt. I, however, really want to complete this quilt someday.

And now for some gratuitous cat pictures. 

the princess

Ms. Murphy found the cradle.  Doesn’t she look like a little princess?

the princess 2

And here she seems to be saying “are you still looking at me?”

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  1. When sewing the tumblers together, first sew the verticle seams zig-zagging along. It seems goofy at first, but you'll soon get the hang of it. Then it is super easy to dew the straight horizontal seams.

    You have a lot of projects going on. I think that is the only way to work... if I get stuck in a glich on one, then I can mull over the problem while sewing on something different.

  2. I guess I am up toooo early this morning - I can spell better than my previous post shows! I think you understand what I am trying to say though. Sarah

  3. Oooo a tumbler quilt...I've never made one of those in a bed size, just a mini... but it was fun.
    Re: out of control need to sew them faster than they are multiplying...OR give the whole scrap farm to someone else to deal with! LOL

  4. Oh how I love tumblers! For me it's an instant gratification quilt. I love all the colors in yours!
    I can't wait to see what sashing you use for the UR blocks. And My Hearts Desire is going to be gorgeous!!!

  5. Lots of great things to work on! I really like the applique blocks, have fun creating!

  6. Your tumbler's look great. And, yes, some fabric does seem to multiply once the lights are out. Unfortunately, it isn't always the ones I want to multiply.
    Geri -- do you have computer guided HQ 16? Your frogs and arcs look way too perfect. If not I am in awe of your quilting. B.

  7. Don't feel to bad about the Hearts Desire. I haven't even started mine. LOL. I didn't know how much work would really go into the project until more blocks came out. At least I have all the blocks/border patterns and can start when I'm up to it.

  8. really like the sampler quilt and the sashing looks great. How are you going to get the blocks??? Can't wait to see..

  9. Tumblers are just fun. I LOVE your cradle.

  10. Holy Cow you stay busy! I like the tumblers quilt - that is pretty!

  11. Lots of great projects up on your design wall.

  12. You've been busy! I love your kitty in the cradle. She looks like my kitty.

  13. What great pictures of Ms. Murphy :) That cradle is fabulous....did it come from your family? The tumbler quilt should be fun....I have one on my to-do-someday list ;)

  14. Heart's Desire is going to be stunning, what a beautiful pattern! And Ms Murphy is beautiful, too. Love Calico cats!!

  15. I hope to make a tumbler quilt myself one day. I like the idea of using a mostly solid fabric here and there. You've got some great WIPs and I love your cradle!

  16. I sew love the pussycat in the cradle. I keep asking Santa for a doll bed. I want to make doll quilts and have one of my cats lounge on the bed.

    Tumblers are great but they don't use a lot of fabric when you are trying to bust stash. Yours are very pretty and maybe I'll have to do one in 30's as well...

  17. it's nice to watch you finish up your U/Railroad while i am just starting mine. i took at look back and found your Egg Money quilt. i didn't do that one but will take a look at the book and sample in the store. i love the way you finished that one.


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