Monday, November 14, 2011

Busy Week

Now I know that you all have not been waiting with baited breath to learn that we got our 3D TV butI’m going to share anyway.

We had already moved the old TV off of the high shelf and onto the table where the new one would be going. Here you see the old one being disconnected from the amp, blu ray, Direct TV, and DVR. And the new TV is in the big box. Look what a mess we had.

Even the antique cradle wasn’t spared the involvement in the mess.

And here we are with the new TV up and running. Unfortunately we couldn’t hook
up the studio sound system because the amp is not new enough to connect to the
TV. So Sunday was taken up with a trip to Best Buy. Little by little we will
have the full theater experience. Fun, fun.

Even with all this excitement I did get a little sewing done. The design ironing board has the layout of the Christmas table runner I am making for our new dining table. I made more of the swap blocks I had on the wall last week and paired them with two of the swap blocks I have been trying to make a quilt with. I like the contrast (thanks for the comments last week) and then added some applique mittens in the middle. These are not sewn together yet, that had been part of the plan for Sunday, before the trip to Best Buy.

Friday I did get this quilt on the HQ. I am still debating if I will quilt it with a meander or practice some ruler work on it.

I am going to again share how much I love my Red Snappers. It took me all of 10
min. to load the backing of this quilt. It wouldn’t have taken that long except
that my studio doesn’t have central heat and it was cold (48F outside) so the
plastic was a little harder than usual.

Here is the bobbin thread.

and I am still trying to decide what thread to use on the top.

Meanwhile, DH and I shared one of our favorite meals. Look have excited he was
when it was delivered to our table.

This is a taco pizza from Pizza Hut. It is so very good and we love it.

And now it is time for all of us to go to Patchwork Times and see all of the creations in process. Each week I try to check in on all the blogs that are posted there cuz it gives me such inspiration. But to not get bogged down by being on the computer for too long at a time, I read them in 10 blog bunches. Most of the time I get all the
way through by the end of the week: sometimes I don’t, but I try. There are
some very creative and artistic people out there and I don’t like to miss what
they are creating.


Vivian said...

It is so nice of you to take the time to visit all of the Design Wall Monday entries. I try to comment on different ones each week.

Love the table runner you have laid out on your ironing board.

Denise :) said...

Gari, I love your table runner! What fun! And I'm glad you're loving your Red Snappers -- it is a darling piece. Did you have leftovers of your taco pizza? I've never had one, but it sounds good! Y'all can kick back and eat leftovers and watch your new 3D TV! Have a happy Monday! :)

Vicki said...

Very pretty quilts indeed. I need to check out the red snappers. I wish I had a pizza hut around here that pizza looked very good!

Connie said...

Looks like you are going to have fun watching TV pretty soon! Taco pizza at Pizza Hut is our favorite too! Your runner looks neat and also your Red Snappers! Great thread colors to choose from too!

Quilter Kathy said...

Now I am hungry after seeing that photo!
I do the same thing with the design wall to visit as many links as time permits.

Pattilou said...

I just had to click on your picture to see what it was--a pizza! Cute! The quilt on your frame is so nice and the threads are all a great choice. Can't wait to see what you do.

Bonnie said...

Hum, some folks don't realize that the Red Snappers are a way to attach a quilt to a frame. I LOVE mine. And, thread... I like the second from the left. It looks dark enough to show up a bit in the darker fabs but not so dark as to stand out too much in the lighter. What brand threads do you use. I'm thinking Super Bobs for the bobbins and Glide for the cones? And maybe some Sew Fine? The quilt looks great. Good luck with the quilting design. Maybe you could do a little ruler work and the rest meander.

marcella said...

Your table runner is looking nice. I love that quilt you are getting ready to quilt up. Wow, it's really beautiful! And, now you've gone and done it - made me hungry for pizza! I didn't know there was even such a thing as a taco pizza.

scraphappy said...

I really like the second thread from the left, not too dark or too light. I tried practicing ruler work, but got impatient and ended up doing it all freehand. What are red snappers, I'm a fan of anything that would make loading a quilt onto the frame quicker.

Annie said...

Your pizza looks delicious! Too bad the Pizza Hut here doesn't produce quality pizzas. :-( Love your table runner!

Heather said...

What beautiful projects you have in the works! Love the table runner -- and that pizza looks awesome. Can't blame him a bit for being excited about that. LoL

I have a hard time visiting everyone on the Design Wall Mondays, so maybe I'll adopt your plan and take them ten at a time. I could easily spend the whole week just looking at everyone else's projects!

Good luck!