Friday, November 4, 2011

Swaps and Stuff

Once again, I have had difficulty finding sewing/quilting time.  Monday and Tuesday I was busy leading 3 of my 4 Weight Watchers meetings.  By the time I did all the paperwork and then drove the 50-60 miles home, took the three dogs out, fed the cats, fed the birds, fed the dogs and took them out again, reloaded the washer and dryer, and started dinner, I was too pooped to even open the studio.  So the plan was to sew Wednesday and Thursday. 

However, both those days I moved furniture.  Some of you may remember that on this post I reported that we purchased a new TV and that we agreed to place the new TV where I had wanted the old one 5 years ago.  Unfortunately this necessitated moving almost every piece of furniture in our great room.  It also would mean some moving of the wiring for the TV, DVD/BlueRay, and the Direct box.  So I decided that we needed to start before the TV got here and that’s what I did all Wednesday and Thursday.  I’d like to say that it is all done but only the big pieces are more or less in place.  We did move the old TV to where the new on will be going and I really love it there.

Today I finally got into the studio.  I am working on some swap blocks through some internet friends.


Dot Block

We were given the pattern and colors and told to make 12 12” blocks to swap.  Now, this is not a difficult block but today, as I was trimming 48 HSTs, I couldn’t help wondering about those people who do quilts with hundreds of HSTs.  Rather than make quilts with lots of little pieces, I think I may try to learn how to be an art quilter.  Smile with tongue out  Anyway, I have 5 blocks finished with 7 more to go.

Tomorrow I will be leading my 4th WW meeting in the morning and then traveling to attend a WW staff meeting so no sewing will get done.  But Sunday I hope to get  the rest of the blocks done and ready to send.  Then it will be back to the blocks on the design wall and some Christmas gifts I have just barely started.


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John'aLee said...

The block is beautiful.

Gmama Jane said...

Like your block and I so understand how time seems to eat up your sewing time. I do like this block pattern and all its variations. I've used it bunches of times.
I wish I could get motivated to get back on WW. Back in 2002 I lost 55lbs and felt so good about myself. The very next year, I had shoulder surgery and my mother died a month after so I was thrown into a whirlwind of emotions and reverted back to my old eating habits and within 2 yrs I gained back the 55 plus. Now I'm stuck and diabetic and need to get bqack with WW. It's the only way of eating that I can live with and still lose weight. Do you have a pep talk to motivate me??
Gmama Jane