Monday, November 21, 2011

Design Wall Accomplishments

table runner


This is my very first table runner.  The picture was taken Sunday evening, after the sun went down, so the color is somewhat strange: the bottom square is close to true.  Anyway the runner is 56” long and 14” wide.  I am using 2 swap blocks (tan) and 2  new blocks made like the ones I sent for a Christmas swap.  I hope to get this quilted this week so it will be ready for our table right after Thanksgiving.








Before I can start quilting the table runner I need to finish quilting this swap block quilt.  (Does it seem I am swap block obsessed?) 



My original plan was to practice some ruler work while doing this quilt but then I realized that I needed to get it done quickly so I could do the runner so a medium meander seemed like the best way to go.


swap backing

Here is the backing I chose.  It is in the center with a border fabric on the sides (not shown).  I love this fabric and did when I first saw it in the shop so I hated to use it for a backing fabric.


swap backing 2

However, it was perfect for this quilt so here it is.  I have about 3 more passes to complete the quilting.  I have been having a little trouble: my stitch regulator is not working very well.  I will probably be calling HQ later today to see if they have any ideas why it is “dragging” and/or falling out of regulation all together.  I can get pretty regular stitches unregulated but I really like not having to work at keeping my speed steady.

One last thing:  today I found a top from a BOM in 2007.  It is the second top I ever made.  I haven’t unfolded it yet but I believe it is a king/queen sized and the original plan was to make a duvet cover.  I remember I bought two king sized sheets to complete the task but then put it aside.  I think the next thing I will be doing is seeing if I can find all the parts and get this UFO underway.  If I do I think I will have all my swaps and BOMs either completed and/or ready for quilting.  Maybe I’ll even have it out so I can show it next Monday  Yea!!

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  1. I had to reread your first sentence a few times as I couldn't believe my eyes that this was your FIRST table runner. However, in thinking about it, it seems that isn't uncommon when someone has a long-arm machine. I think if you have a long-arm, you are more likely to make bigger things. Those of us who don't have long-arms (and have to pay dearly to get things quilted) tend to do the opposite...make many smaller things like runners and wall-hangings....things we can quilt on our small home machines! Your runner is very nice and I'm sure it will look lovely on your table once you have it completed.

  2. So close to another finish...way to go !

  3. What a wonderful runner! Congrats on your first!

  4. Nice runner and being a fall color lover, I love the colors you've chosen.

  5. Lovely runner. I have a runner made and had dreams of getting it quilted by Thanksgiving but not so sure it is going to happen but that's ok.

    I had the same problem last week with my long arm. First, check to be sure the encoders are touching and floating across the table top. If not the stitch regulator cuts out. Second, I check to be sure that the table is still level. Third, I had to get the long arm serviced because after all that it worked, the regulator was going well and all looked great. Then it didn't. It had screws loose and needed adjustments. Sounds like me, huh??? :) Good luck.

  6. Hey, you've changed your header...

    I love your even looking meander. It looks evenly done throughout the quilt. Or at least the part showing...

    Butterscotch -- that fabric looks like that. Yummy.
    Good work on the quilting -- hope the machine starts acting correctly again soon.

  7. Yay for your first table runner! I love piecing/quilting toppers and runners; instant gratification!! :)

  8. I really like the colours you are using at present, so lovely and warm to look at; and your new heading is terrific. Cheers Glenda

  9. I love the leaf quilt in your header. What a fun fall quilt! Nice job on the table runner. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  10. It is a beautiful runner and I hope you enjoy making many more of them! They are a fast project to work on.


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