Monday, January 9, 2012

Keeping Busy

Today begins a new semester for DH and this is going to be a busy one.  He retired from college teaching 5 1/2 years ago and almost immediately began teaching as an adjunct instructor at the Community college where he had been teaching and at two others, also.  This semester he is teaching 3 classes at the local school, 2 classes at one other and is also working with the music director at the second school to produce a musical.  This is going to be like old times when he taught full-time and put on two plays and one musical each year.  I think our evenings are going to look a lot like this.

This is me with one puppy and one cat, working on the computer and enjoying a quiet evening.  All we need is a remote, coffee, and we can rule the evening.
This past week I did get some time in the studio.
And this is what my design wall looks like now.  I finished sewing all the Crazy Cats blocks together and the center of the top is finished.  I plan three borders for this quilt but will not get back to it until Wednesday.

I did want to show the cats now that they all have faces.  Just like putting the quilting on a quilt top, having the faces on the cats really made them come alive.


cat 1
cat 2

cat 3

cat 5

cat 6
cat 7cat 4

You may have noticed that the dress quilt is back on the wall.  I said I was going to put it up so I could start thinking of how I might want to finish it.  Well, even before I could begin thinking, I got an email from my mother.  She told me that I hadn’t gotten her message when she told me that she really liked the dress quilt and that what she had meant was that she would like to have it.  Well, I think that is a great idea.  However, now I really have to come up with an idea.


So here it is.  I do have some ideas but they are not completely clear and I am not sure how to carry them out.  And one of the other things is that I have no oriental fabrics.  Usually the idea of buying more fabric is exciting but right now I am not sure since I have never used this type of fabric before.  So this will all be an experiment for me……and I guess, a wait for Mother.

edit 1/11/12:  Got a call from Mother and she wants the dress quilt, as is.  She said that she wants to hang is over her bed and thinks it will be easier for her if it isn't quilted (read heavy).  She doesn't even want me to put borders on it.  So I will be putting a hanging sleeve on this "flimsy" this week and sending it on, hopefully, by the weekend.
And then I can get on with the other projects that are waiting for me.  Yea!!

Meanwhile, I have an idea for a new comfort quilt.  I have decided to make one in flannel and this is what I have in my stash.

flannel 1
And this is the idea I have for the quilt.  I hope to be able to start cutting the fabric for this later this week.

Now it is time for you to  check in with Judy to see what other quilters are working on.


Pat said...

The cats on your quilt are adorable!!! Can't wait to see what you decide for the dress quilt. I think a comfort quilt made totally out of flannel is a great idea!

Bonnie said...

Yep, faces make the cat.... cute particularly the one with the fish bones in her stomach.

Your dresses quilt is wonderful. You don't actually need to use orientals in the border... I think I would pick a blender or geometric in some tone of red. (Of course, red is my favorite color...) Maybe do a small black border or about 1", and then the "frame". Or, you could border it in black... but I think that might be too heavy.

Like your change in your header... B.

Julie Kaye from KS said...

Those cats are too cute! Sounds like you have lots to keep you busy. Have fun.

Cherie in St Louis said...

Your cat blocks are wonderful! They have such personality.....just like the real ones, lol.

Vicki said...

The quilts are all very, very cute. Sounds like you have some quilting time to yourself while he is working so much!!!! Enjoy ruling the TV remote :)

Melinda said...

The cats have personality now that they have faces - very cute!

It is great that your mother wants the dress quilt. I am sure you will find an interesting way to finish it.

Debbie said...

Those cats are so fav is the one with the fish in it's tummy!

Annie said...

I see closeups of 11 crazy cat blocks. Is there another one? They sure are cute! I have sent the link to the pattern to a friend who loves cats.

Mary said...

The cat blocks have so much personality...very cute indeed!

Marcia said...

I love both your quilts projects; the cats are funny and cute and the dress design is so Audrey Hepburn. You do beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

I was thrilled to see your post today about the dress quilt. It is great that your mom wants to hang it as is. I would never have thought of that. Tell me to enjoy enjoy enjoy!

I LOVE the kitties,too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

The cat with the fish in the tummy is a unique one!

Stephanie said...

Those kitty cat blocks are super cute!