Monday, January 16, 2012

An Anniversary & Design Wall

This week we are having another anniversary, our 51st.  Last year our 50th was spent apart (see this post).  Well, our luck has not improved this year.  Our anniversary is on Tuesday and that just happens to be the day when I am on the road for WW for 14 hours and DH is on the road teaching for the same 14 hours.  However, do not despair.  On Thursday we are going to Gainesville to see The Manhattan Transfer, one of our favorite singing groups.  We have seen them twice before and have really enjoyed the show they put on.  And on the drive down and back we plan some antiquing, just to keep our hands in.  If possible I will also make a stop in Lake City where there is a really nice quilt shop (the name of which I can’t remember right now).  What we have learned is that it doesn’t really matter when you celebrate the important occasions, just that you celebrate them.  And a long marriage is really something to celebrate.


And, yes, this is still on my Design Wall.

cats top done

But finally, this top is done.  All the cats have faces and the center has borders. 


backing-first plan

Next came the backing plan.  I had bought 6 1/2 yards of backing fabric (end of bolt) and my quilt calculator app told me I needed 8 7/8 yards.  My first plan was to use the extra strip blocks to make a center panel.  However, after some figuring and figuring, I decided I could get a full backing out of the one fabric if I did some fancy cutting.  Then it was cut and piece for most of Sunday afternoon.  I even pressed the seams open so it would lie flatter (a first for me).


under the frame

Here is the backing as seen from under the frame.  There I was lying on the floor, just to get this cool shot.  And there you can see my Red Snappers holding the backing onto the leader.  (I LOVE my Red Snappers)


batting at rest


After rolling the backing back and forth a couple of times to be sure it was straight and even, I put the batting over everything to give it some time to “rest” some of the fold lines out.  Later this afternoon I hope to begin some quilting on this but first I will need to figure out what thread to use and what I am going to quilt on it.  I will not be doing a panto as I don’t want to quilt over the cats.


Because today is a holiday I do not have my Monday WW meeting so I have an extra quilting day.  I will quilt and piece Monday and Wednesday, work on Tuesday (see above) and then hit the road on Thursday.  Sounds like a fun and busy week, doesn’t it?


  1. A BIG congratulations to you and hubby on your anniversary!!! You are right...that is a BIG accomplishment! (We will hit 45 years in August.)

  2. Happy anniversary, Gari! It sounds like you have a busy week ahead.

  3. It does sound like a fun and busy week. Congratulations on 51 years! Such a huge accomplishment. The cats are looking so happy with their faces. Glad you won't sew through them. I'm sure they are quite appreciative.

  4. Congratulations and a VERY happy anniversary to you all!! I love knowing/keeping up with women who've been married for 30+'s encouraging and inspiring! :)

  5. Happy 51st!
    Looks like you got this project well in hand.

  6. Happy, happy anniversary! Looks like a well planned out week. I love the cat quilt....can't wait to see what you quilt on it. And I too love the red snappers! Thanks for that hook up!

  7. Congratulations! In this day & age, you certainly are in the minority. Can't wait to see what you so with this quilt . . .

  8. Happy Anniversary! I hope Todd lives long enough to celebrate our 51st! (Although he's only promised my to live until our 50th...what's one more year?)

    Love you guys!

  9. Happy 51st anniversary!!! Enjoy your time together..

  10. Congratulations on 51 years of marriage - what a blessing. I just celebrated 37 years 2 weeks ago, boy does time fly!

    Great design wall and I love this catty quilt!

  11. Congrats! we celebrate 27yrs on the 25th of feb My husband is usually at work on ours and we are usually broke!! But we always get a steak dinner from the local restraunt and he brings it home to eat in comfort!! Hope you have a great day when you celebrate!

  12. Long marriages are a great cause for celebration, Gari & like you I believe it doesn't matter when as long as you celebrate. So happy anniversary! I believe that busy couples who go their separate ways as long s possible have the best relationships. Keeps us interested & interesting, right?

  13. Congratulations on your 51st Anniversary!!!!!!!!. Have a fun day together & like you said it does not matter which day as long as you have a special day together. I’m only up to 45 and have never remembered one of them; but hubby always does though!!! Cheers Glenda


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