Thursday, February 9, 2012

Being more productive

This has been a more productive week on the quilting front.  No, I haven’t finished the cats quilt.  For some reason I have been avoiding working on it.  BUT,


strips to strata

On   Wednesday I got most of the half strips sewn into 5 strip strata.  Even on a cloudy day, don’t they look great?  I pulled them off the design wall, cut them in half and grouped them on Monday morning and then Wednesday sewed these.





And today I finished sewing the rest.  I also got all the strata pressed and even got them all cut.  I didn’t get anymore done because by the time I was done cutting it was time to feed the animals.




Can you see that little black dot next to the falling apart  hammock?  That is one of the four “yard cats” that come whenever I feed our outside cat, inside cat, three dogs and two birds.  About 3:30 they start to gather and stare at the deck and front door.  All I have to do is come out with some food and them bound onto the deck and start mewing.   And they are not quiet about their demands, either.  However, they are really pretty (2 gray and 1 black) and they keep the rodent population down.


Favorite toy


And inside the house we have Sadie and her favorite toy.  I think she would rather play with this toy than eat.  And it is the only toy she has been unable to tear apart. 

Tomorrow I am having a back-up system installed on my new car.  I will have a beeper sound whenever the car gets close to anything behind me.  I have never backed into anything but DH has this system on his truck (after he backed into my last car) and it is really helpful.  I figured that as I am getting older (no really) it will get harder for me to turn around in the car and/or see around the blind spots. Also this will alert me to when other old people walk behind me in the Walmart parking lot, which happens all the time.

See, there is always something going on here in the Deep South.  Laughing out loud


Pat said...

Sadie is so cute! The back-up system sounds great for the car. I wish my car had a remote starter like my last one did, so on chilly mornings I could start it from inside the house and it would be warm when I got in it to drive somewhere. (We have no garage.) Your strips for the quilt are looking very good.

Judy D in WA said...

The stratas are so colorful! Yard cats are worth feeding if they keep the rodents away. I have 2 inside cats that may become yard cats if they don't stop the parties in the middle of the night. :O)
Sadie is adorable!
A backup beeper is a good idea.

Wilma NC said...

Love your header!!! I got it all figured out and now I will keep up with you again, lol.

krisgray said...

Pretty strips sets! I wish I could find a toy like Sadie's (dahh - so cute with her toy) that my dog couldn't destroy. She usually "lets" them last about 4 days.

Jessica said...

Todd and I have our own "beeper" system when we suprise-attack each other with our lightsabers. As soon as we turn them on (in hiding) Ponce runs out of the room. "Danger, danger, Will Robinson!" It's kind of like yours, right?