Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Personal and Quilting Change

Personal:  20 weeks ago I agreed to lead a Weight Watchers meeting out of my area.  I tend to be in demand when the group wants a meeting time that is during the day.  Angel  I really didn’t want to do another meeting (already doing 3) but I also hated to deny people the opportunity to loose weight if they wanted to do the work.  It was to be a 15 week group and I was assured there was already someone in training who would be ready to take over when we were done.  My members were college personnel and between the holiday vacations and on campus meetings it stretched to 20.  However, this past Monday I did my last meeting and turned them over to their new leader: I now have my Mondays back….YEA!!



Quilting:  While I was pressing the wedges I started playing with them on the design wall.  What do you think of this snake-like design?  Can’t really see it too well?




Here is the one on the top.  Nothing is sewn together but I kind of like this and can already see some possibilities for quilting.  Of course I don’t know how I would put this all together but I like what I see.  The wedges are 1” long so that take up a lot of linier space.  They are narrow, approximately 2” at the top down to about 3/4” at the bottom.  Anyway, I am open for opinions and/or suggestions.


Rhonda G said...

Love them. I'm not an experienced enough quilter to give any idea's, but where there is a will, there is a way. : ) Have fun it looks like a great beginning.

Pat said...

I'm sure I haven't a clue of how you should proceed with this, looks very interesting and I am equally sure that you will figure out something terrific! Congratulations on having your Mondays free now.

Denise :) said...

Gari, I love how this looks -- it's wonderful!!! :)

Esther said...

This is Fabulous!!! I love how it looks, please keep us updated

Glenda said...

Oh this is very exciting, wow all those colours, can you try a black instead of white to play with, I think that would be VERY exciting too. Have fun it is going to be fantastic what ever you do. Cheers Glenda