Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Cleaning vs. Design Wall

And with any luck, Spring cleaning will win this week.

I am planning on buying a new mattress and decided that before it arrives I want need to clean out the bedroom and rearrange the furniture.  So this coming week I am going to apply the “30 minute” rule to my sewing/quilting and keep myself in the house doing what needs to be done.


This past week I got a little done in the studio.  005

I did start working on a small mystery project on the Carol Doak yahoo list.  We are to make 10 3” paper pieced blocks and then step 2 will be revealed.  I figure that this is a great 30 min. project and I should be able to have them all done by the end of the week.


I also completed my machine embroidery project, a shirt for DH’s birthday.  It can be seen here


I did start quilting on my Quilt Diva but my machine decided to not want to run the stitch regulator so it is sitting as idle as the dragon.

So, I am counting on seeing a lot of quilting gems over at Patchwork Times to keep my quilting mojo going.  How about you?

002 (2)

On Saturday we celebrated DH’s birthday as well as our SIL’s birthday with dinner at the Golden Corral, the home of the chocolate fountain.   This is our “great” grandson, Skylar, experimenting his concoction, a chocolate covered marshmallow.


Judy D in WA said...

Spring it when it's done but hate doing it. Thanks for the new project...didn't know there was a new mystery on the CD group. I've been no mail for too long it looks like. Took care of that--hate missing out on a new project. ;0)
Your GGS is adorable!

Chris said...

That is a great 30 minute project.

Melinda said...

It is amazing what you can get done in a focused time. I like the little blocks and it will be fun to see how the mystery turns out.

Quilter Kathy said...

Chocolate fountain?!? Yum! I'd be covered in it too :)
I debated about joining in on Carol's idea, but just can't start something new... I will look forward to watching your progress!

marcella said...

Those paper pieced blocks are adorable. Have fun this week. I always seem to accomplish more when I have a plan with little bits of quilting in between to keep me moving.

Bunny said...

I belong to Carol's list but no way William do those small blocks LOL. Looks like you had a nice celebration.

Glenda said...

Love your wee trees Gari, fiddly but so cute and I'm sure would take me more than 30 mins!!!!. Cheers Glenda