Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This Week So Far

On the frame
Bright and late (after a bunch of housework) Monday I finished loading Christmas Quilt #1.  I chose the panto I am going to use, found the thread and wound 5 bobbins.  I even took some time to practice using the panto cam I have kind of installed (using tape to be sure everything is where I want it before using stronger a adhesive).  After that I did some stitching before moving on to other fun things.

fabric chosen
I had already drawn the parts for Teapot #3 so I cut them out and then pulled fabric. 

teapot #3
Tuesday morning  I fused the teapot.  It looks a lot like one I have in my kitchen only mine isn’t bright orange.  Crying face

I then had the privilege of spending time at our LQS where I gave the owner some of the things I have learned about setting up and using a pantograph.  It is really fun to know something and be able to share it.

New toy
Our daughter had called to see if we were free for lunch but said it would be late.  So we visited a local antique mall where I found the comic book stand.  DH collects B Western comics (1935-55) and now has an official stand to display them.  Right now they are sitting in front of the fireplace but he has a little while to find a better place cuz nothing comes between me and my fireplace.

Lunch with Lisa was lots of fun, as usual.  We do a lot of laughing so it is a good thing that the lunch hour was over and we were almost the only people in the restaurant. 

sky 10-1-12
Later in the evening we went to our Great grandson’s soccer game.  He is 4yo and cute as a button.  And it is a lot of fun watching all those very short people chase the ball.

Halloween visitors
So, today I spent a good deal of time with my deck visitors.  It was such fun to spent time reading with occasional stops to search out food.  But tomorrow I will be back in the studio: quilt one row on the Christmas 1 quilt, applique 1 chicken, cut Carol Doak BOM fabric, and, if there is time, embroider a label.  Ambitious? 


LynCC said...

Hey, that looks like the teapot in my kitchen (without the pretty swirlies). :D Love your banner pic!

Wilma NC said...

Sounds like your life is very satisfying right now. Fall does that to a person, eh?

Kate said...

Love your new teapot, it's the perfect color! Sounds like an eventful week. Hope you found some time for stitching over the weekend.